The case showed how the iPhone 13 Pro will differ from the iPhone 12 Pro

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What will be the iPhone 13

The image of the cover, which will be discussed now, as usual, came from China. It was posted on UnclePanPan’s Weibo account and also appeared on DuanRui’s Twitter. The photo shows an iPhone 12 Pro with a case supposedly designed for the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro. Thus, the image gives an understanding of how the camera module of the new phone will differ from the camera module of the old one. It’s hard not to notice that it will get bigger.

Last week, dummy models of the entire iPhone 13 line were unveiled, showing redesigned camera modules for the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. The new image released today is circumstantial evidence that the module will indeed grow.

Case for iPhone 13

Some time after the photo of the cover appeared, another image appeared, which shows a different photo. On it, the differences between the camera sizes of the current and potentially new generation iPhone are not so significant. If the image is not fake, then most likely the camera size of one version in different generations may not differ as much as the other.

iPhone 13 camera

A larger camera module can mean several things. Firstly, it will better fit the large body of the phone. Remember how ridiculous the “pimple” of the camera on the iPhone 6 Plus seems now. Secondly, the camera itself could grow in all respects to provide better image quality. In the end, remember what camera modules get modern flagships on Android. The Galaxy S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra alone are worth something.

Also, the appearance of a larger camera module could probably be due to the fact that all models will receive cameras with a shifting sensor and improved ultra-wide-angle lens capabilities in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. We have received all these leaks lately from a variety of sources.

Of course, to the images for now should be treated with some skepticism, but it is also not worth denying the likelihood that it is true. Most likely, the novelty will indeed receive a larger module, since it generally tends to grow. And the improvement of camera functions, without which it will be difficult to sell a new phone, requires more space.

Can the case come out before the phone

In the end, it is worth understanding whether it can even be that two months before the presentation, ready-made cases for the iPhone appear. This is possible, but for this to happen, “many stars must converge”. When a new smartphone comes out, the manufacturer already knows for several months how exactly it will look. Then there may be slight differences in the location of the sensors, but the main elements and their dimensions do not change.

In order for third-party manufacturers of cases and the company that created the smartphone to have time to make cases and other accessories for it, a layout is being prepared. This layout under the guarantee of secrecy distributed between verified partners.

At this moment, such “smartphones” may pop up. For example, we ourselves at one time were able to get a similar layout of the iPhone X, which at that time had not yet been released. As a result, it coincided with what we saw in reality. True, it happened significantly later than two months.

Of course, one should not exclude and simply someone’s mistake or an attempt to promote on a hot topic. What prevented the author of the photo from making a case with an enlarged cutout for the camera module in one copy, taking a picture of it and spreading the fake? Everything is possible, but there is also a possibility that this is true. Moreover, it confirms others

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