Take heart: AirPods Pro 2 won’t be as cool as you thought

AirPods PRO

AirPods Pro 2. What do we know about them? Basically, nothing. We have no idea whether they exist in nature and whether Apple is developing them in principle, not to mention something more. But almost two years have passed since the release of the original model, which is an unacceptably large gap between new models of any devices, not just headphones. After all, even Apple computers are updated more often, and then almost the most popular product of the company was suddenly out of work. But in Cupertino they remember new AirPods Pro and are preparing them for release.

Despite the fact that this year Apple released a minor update to the AirPods Pro, adding MagSafe charging to them, like the AirPods 3, it still cannot be considered a new generation of headphones. This upgrade was intended only to bring most advanced TWS earbuds series according to the functionality of the newest. It was impossible to allow the more expensive model to be inferior to the cheaper one. Moreover, for second generation AirPoids Pro in Cupertino they were preparing a truly large-scale update. It is not a fact, however, that it will come true.

When will the AirPods Pro 2 be released?

According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has already postponed AirPods Pro 2 release. The headphones were originally supposed to come out around the time When did AirPods 3 come out?and they, in turn, had to come out another 6-7 months, or even 8 earlier.

But the pandemic made adjustments to the company’s plans, and it was forced to shift the release slightly. Then the headphone output was scheduled for the spring of 2022, however, this period did not suit the company either due to the shortage of semiconductors that formed on the market.

Therefore, now we have a new time period, which should be guided, according to Kuo – the fall of 2022. Despite the fact that this period looks very far away, especially when measured from the moment the first AirPods Pro were released. But, apparently, this is the most likely scenario for the development of events.

After all, the company plans to present the largest update to the TWS headphone line. If you remember, recently there have been quite active rumors that Apple is going to equip AirPods with tracking sensors the state of the user’s body. Even some of the top management of the company almost let it slip.

What can we expect:

  • Pedometer
  • heart rate monitor
  • Auto volume adjustment based on the user’s hearing
  • Calories burned count

AirPods Pro 2 Differences

Even if you divide the rumors in half, it still turns out pretty well. To measure the pulse with the help of headphones – and this looks like one of the most likely innovations – is worth a lot. But it is not a fact that these innovations are destined to be implemented. Do not forget – now a pandemic, and the shortage of components can only get worse.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to escalate and scare you. But two facts must be accepted. First, Apple creates its devices based on the guidelines of its designers, engineers and marketers, and not on our preferences. That’s why Apple Watch7 It didn’t come out the way we expected. And, secondly, the shortage in the component market can really push Apple a little and force it to abandon part of the developments.

What can we see as a result? Well, most likely, the design of the headphones will not change radically. Not only is it not in Apple’s rules to redraw the appearance of the device already in the second generation, but also the design and fit of the first AirPods Pro turned out to be quite successful. So Apple will focus on sound.

Here it can really be pumped and, most likely, it will be pumped. I don’t know what exactly will be delivered in the new generation of headphones, but objectively it’s worth waiting for a high-quality sound upgrade. Perhaps these will be some new modes of three-dimensional sound, and maybe even Lossless support – subject to the transition to a connection standard other than Bluetooth.

But health sensors are cool, but difficult to implement. Not because Apple can’t or doesn’t want to, but because that’s the way things are. After all, if the company was forced to completely stop the production of the iPhone, then talking about a large-scale update of the headphones – in fact, a secondary product – is simply inappropriate. So you should probably just wait. improved AirPods Pro with a cooler sound, but nothing more.

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