Should you buy the Pixel 7 Pro instead of the iPhone 14 Pro? All you need to know


Think Apple still makes the best smartphones? Do not rush to conclusions: Google recently introduced the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Now we can say with confidence that the updated smartphones are a clear alternative to the iPhone. Flagships from Google offer top performance, great cameras, and exactly the same exclusive features. In addition, the purchase iPhone in Russia in 2022 a lot like shooting yourself in the foot with all the limitations that Android smartphones do not have. So, if suddenly you are just planning to buy a new phone, think carefully: perhaps now it is really better to choose a smartphone from Google.

Smartphone with an unusual appearance

Both smartphones are made from roughly the same materials: the frame of the Google Pixel 7 Pro is made of aluminum, the iPhone 14 Pro is made of stainless steel. Housing Pixel 7 Pro covered with protective glass Gorilla Glass Victus, iPhone 14 Pro — Ceramic Shieldso both smartphones are relatively safe to use without a case, though case iPhone 14 Pro looks much better on paper.

However, the Google Pixel 7 traditionally has lighter body colors, unlike the iPhone 14 Pro. talking about appearance of Google smartphones it is important to note that they really look original and fresh – fortunately, other manufacturers of Android smartphones have not yet thought of starting to copy the Pixel.

However, in the new generation of Pixel, the frame of the camera module was made in light colors, and not in black like a year ago – in my opinion, last year’s Pixel 6 with such a frame looked much more interesting. From the front, the smartphone has remained the same: simple and without frills – only the camera eye at the top. There are no visible changes in the iPhone 14 Pro, apart from Dynamic Island: so far, users disagree on how useful new iPhone notch.

Both smartphones have OLED displays: the Pixel 7 Pro has a diagonal of 6.7 inches, while the iPhone 14 Pro has 6.1 inches. Both support 120Hz, but iPhone maximum brightness noticeably higher – 2000 nits versus 1500 nits for the Pixel. Also in the iPhone 14 Pro, a separate Display Engine coprocessor.

What is the best processor for a smartphone

Processor in iPhone is always the strongest side. This year, Apple managed to make the A16 Bionic slightly more powerful than last year’s A15 (by about 10%) and more energy efficient by almost 20%, so there is no doubt that the new “firmware” will again be one of the longest-playing smartphones on the market. According to Apple, it will be enough for a day of use, although it all depends on the habits of users. Unlike the Google processor, the A16 Bionic is built on a 4nm process technology, but in many ways this is a marketing ploy: we all understand perfectly. Data Pixel 7 Pro battery life not yet known, but some owners of the iPhone 14 Pro are already complaining that the smartphone is not enough for the whole day – a chance for a new Pixel.

In the same time, Google Tensor G2 – just the second generation of the processor, about which little is known. You should not expect a serious increase in performance: it is already known that the company has pumped artificial intelligence in the new processor, which affects the quality of images, and energy efficiency. Google Tensor G2, judging by the benchmarks, still lags behind Qualcomm and Apple Silicon chips, however, Pixel 7 Pro performance it doesn’t affect much. However, for 2-3 years, while Android updates will come, the smartphone will definitely be enough.

It turns out that both smartphones this year have minimal, barely noticeable improvements in hardware. But the iPhone 14 Pro has an important advantage – storage capacity per 1 TB. Both smartphones have 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, but only the iPhone has a 1 TB package. Keep this in mind.

Smartphone with the best camera

Traditional Google Pixel – smart phone with the best camera on the market and on paper, and according to user reviews. And it’s not even about the numbers: 50 megapixels in the main camera is, of course, good, but it’s all about processing photos with neural networks. Google knows this! On top of that, you get an improved 48MP telephoto lens with a new sensor and a cinematic mode that’s been on iPhone since last year.

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro received a camera upgrade for the first time in a long time (now 48 MP), so the detail will be much higher. In addition, added new stabilization mode Action Mode, Photonic Engine for shooting in low light and other software improvements. There is a chance that this year the iPhone camera will be better than the Pixel.

Which smartphone to buy in Russia in 2022

Despite the fact that the iPhone seems to be better in many ways, in fact, both smartphones are not much different at this point in time: Pixel 7 Pro Performance you will definitely have enough in the coming years, while the iPhone 14 Pro still has nowhere to put it, new Pixel 7 Pro looks more interesting in appearance and has a proprietary Google camera, which is definitely worth a try at least once in your life.

In addition, operating systems are also close in spirit: in this article you can find out how they are similar to each other. Yes, and Android, you see, is much more useful in the current realities: there is contactless payment, the ability to install any application on the phone. Roughly speaking, use complete version of the smartphone, not a stripped-down one.

In Russia, Google Pixel is not officially sold (however, like the iPhone), but in the US its starting price is $ 899 – a hundred less than the iPhone 14 Pro. Traditionally Google Pixel is getting cheaper fastso it makes sense to buy it not immediately after it appears in Russian retail, but after 2-3 months – then it will definitely be more ideal than the iPhone.

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