Should you buy the iPhone XS Max now? For the money, definitely yes.


iPhone, unlike android smartphones, it is quite normal to buy not new. Despite the fact that the latest flagships will obviously be cooler, the presence of models of previous generations on sale is absolutely justified by their price. Not ready to pay 100 thousand rubles for the iPhone 14? Take the iPhone 12, which is exactly half the price. But it’s one thing when the choice is between two- or even three-year-old devices. And completely different, if it came to mind buy iPhone XS Max, who has already turned 4 years old. Someone will probably say that well, take him to the bathhouse. But I have a different opinion.

Despite its respectable age by the standards of smartphones, the iPhone XS Max is still regularly sold in Russia and, in my opinion, not in vain. Not because nothing else shines for us under the sanctions. Not at all. If you look at Russian iPhone market, you will see that we have any models for sale. Just buy iPhone XS Max, even with apparent flaws, still makes sense. Especially now.

iPhone XS Max price in Russia

The first thing that would personally attract me to the iPhone XS Max is its price. Today Megafon sells the 64 GB version for only 23,990 rubles. Now the site indicates that the smartphone costs 25,990 rubles, but then I will tell you how to buy iphone cheaper. As for me, this is a great price, because today it will be quite problematic to buy something better for this money. Maybe some Poco or Redmi, but are you sure you want to mess with them?

This iPhone XS Max – refurbished. But don’t let that scare you. In this case, this is not some obscure device that was used by someone and repaired on the knee by enterprising Chinese, but factory ref from Apple itself, marked “like new” in new packaging and with a new bundle. This means that the same specialists who collect new iPhones in China.

Refurbished iPhone – what is it

If you suddenly forgot officially refurbished iPhones – these are devices that someone bought, but for some reason returned back to the store, or handed over to Apple through a trade-in. Such devices are diagnosed, and then disassembled and reassembled using new components that require replacement. As a rule, Apple keeps only the motherboard with the processor, which is reused, and all other components are new: display, speakers, case, etc.

Refurbished iPhones have a full warranty, which is counted from the moment of activation, as well as an identical to the new delivery set. Specifically, with this iPhone XS Max, the box comes with not only a charging cable, but also a power supply and even wired EarPods headphones. And since this is a Rostest device, it will not have a one-year, but a two-year warranty in accordance with the law on consumer protection. That is, this iPhone will be officially repaired at authorized service centers using licensed components.

iPhone XS Max Specifications

Everything is fine with you, you say. But don’t forget that this is the iPhone XS Max, which is 4 years old this year. So what’s the point of buying it at the end of 2022? In my opinion, there is a sense. Indeed, for the money that Megafon asks for this smartphone, we get quite decent specifications.

First, the iPhone XS Max is powered by A12 Bionic processor, which supports all the latest innovations in iOS 16. Apple appreciates this chip and considers its power sufficient to pull out even such complex chips in terms of processing as text recognition in pictures, cutting objects from photos, except perhaps for removing words from songs in Apple music. But that’s a small loss, right?

Secondly, the iPhone XS Max shines even with a couple of years of updates at best. That is, even if next year Apple begins to cut the opportunities that it will receive in new versions of iOS, no one is going to bury the smartphone itself. Who knows what will happen in two years? But even though this is a considerable period, today few people buy phones for a longer period. Everyone prefers to change devices more often.

Thirdly, it is still the flagship, albeit a former one. He has excellent AMOLED matrixwhich at one time was recognized as “indistinguishable from perfection”, 4 GB of RAM like the iPhone 12 and 13, a stainless steel frame – for a minute – steel, not aluminum, and still a decent camera with a telephoto lens and optical zoom, which is not even on the iPhone 14.

Fourthly, this is the iPhone, conditionally related to the new generation with all the consequences. He even face ID eat. And it works just as fast as on newer models. Neural networks do their job, and face recognition happens almost instantly. Unfortunately, in Russia disabling Apple Pay the scope of Face ID has become narrower, but globally this does not change anything.

How to buy an iPhone XS Max cheaper

Basic iPhone XS Max price in Megafon – 25,990 rubles. I think that this is quite adequate for such a device. But you can buy it even cheaper if you use a promo code. It can be obtained from the website, which distributes individual promos to everyone. That is, to get it, you will have to click on the link that I will give below. Only after that, a unique combination of letters and numbers will appear on the screen, which will allow you to drop the price by another 2k rubles.

  • Follow this link to;
  • At the very top, click “Show Code” on the banner “Exclusive $2,000 Discount on Refurbished iPhones”;
  • You will see a promotional code that you need to copy;
  • Follow this link to the Megafon website and add the iPhone to the cart;
  • At the checkout stage, use the received promo code and get a discount.

The site says that the discount is valid until December 31, 2022. So its duration is limited. Therefore, if you were going to buy the iPhone XS Max, you better hurry. You can pay for the order both in cash and by card, and even purchase goods in installments. For example, it is convenient to use the Halva card, which gives up to 5 months installments for purchases in Megafon for a period of 5 to 10 months, following which you will not overpay a penny.

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