Should I buy the iPhone 13 now or wait?

iPhone 13

The campaign “Skip the iPhone 13 and wait for the iPhone 14” differs from the same companies of previous years only in mass and organization. Until the novelties were delivered to customers, the timing of their delivery remained within the bounds of decency. The first to get to the new devices were those to whom Apple provided them for review. Their reviews were positive. It would seem, what else could be expected from such reviews? The journalists chosen by Apple are objective and, if they don’t like something, they don’t hide it.

Otherwise, they would no longer be believed, and the whole idea would lose its meaning. The plot, which is repeated over and over again, first appeared in their reviews. Boxes with brand new iPhone 13 of different models were opened with curiosity, but with confidence that there would be nothing particularly interesting in these iPhones. And in the first minutes it seemed that these expectations were justified. And suddenly everything changed. “And the iPhone (13 mini, 13, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max) turns out to be better than I thought!” This phrase is repeated over and over again. Magic? Yes, Apple magic. Looks like she’s back.

iPhone 13 shortage

iPhone 13 is in serious short supply not only from Apple, but also from many of its partners

From unofficial sources it is known that Apple was thoroughly preparing for the start of sales of new items. known in detail. Apple itself hasn’t said anything about it. But what if, despite all the heroic efforts of the company’s employees, at the very last moment, something went wrong? I categorically do not like this version, because the demand for new iPhone models is greater than usual. This version has an advantage over the others. She explains a lot. The new models are good enough for people to appreciate them without anyone’s prompting.

Instead of wasting time and resources on risky breakthrough innovations, Apple has taken the iPhone 13 to the highest possible perfection. Problems with the production of new models, according to this version, arose in the middle of summer. It was then that the “skip the iPhone 13 and wait for the iPhone 14” campaign began in the media, because of which many of those who were ready to purchase the iPhone 13 thought. Didn’t Apple arrange it? Not too good for sales, but a severe shortage could have been avoided. The presentations were tweaked to make Apple’s dangerous and unpleasant maneuver succeed. Fortunately, there are many controversial points in the version that I do not like.

Those who were given the brand new iPhone 13 to write reviews would definitely have done work. They would have explained the situation to them, would have taken non-disclosure agreements from them – and the reviews would have been completely different from what they were. In addition, any problems with the production of the iPhone or components for them would immediately become known to the American and European media. It is impossible to close all the loopholes through which information leaks from the factories that assemble the iPhone. But the media of Southeast Asia, with the widest network of “sources” for all the companies that were more or less interesting in the West, did not report anything like that.

iPhone production is hundreds of connected enterprises. The version I dislike, no matter how well it explains the incomprehensible events around the iPhone 13, is powerless against the facts. Abnormal demand is to blame for the shortage. Let the oddities remain unexplained. Either way, the iPhone 13 shortage will be over. Probably in a month or a month and a half. But, if you have already decided to buy the iPhone 13, and you want it to be in your hands as quickly as possible, it is better to order it right now.

Should I buy an iPhone 13

When you decide to wait for iPhone 14, somewhere one small iPhone 13 is sad

This story is repeated over and over again. The “skip the iPhone 13 and wait for the iPhone 14” campaign activists are no exception. People whom I know personally, or according to acquaintances, repeated this story exactly. Words and emotions are different, but there is something in these devices that makes you change your mind. Eyewitnesses rationally explain their changed opinion so that it does not seem to be sucked out of thin air. Provide facts. Including the facts specified in the specifications of new devices. Wait a second – these facts appeared on Apple sites around the world on September 14th. Those who considered this generation boring, these facts were known.

The same prices as a year ago. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, in fact, fell in price. They no longer have the 64 GB flash option, but the prices of models with this amount of storage are inherited by models with 128 GB. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max cost the same as the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max with the same SSD capacity before September 14th. Added the option of 1 TB, but it’s just an option. Technical data (screens, chip, cameras) have improved – everything is on the level. Plus the mysterious ability to charm. It’s worth buying, there’s no doubt about that.

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