Should I buy AirPods Pro in 2022 or wait for AirPods Pro 2

AirPods 3

Apple Noise Canceling Headphones

The first and most important thing to know about AirPods Pro is noise cancellation. And, quite worthy. It’s safe to say that noise canceling headphones from Apple fulfills the invested amount in full. It copes with street, airplane and subway noise, so you can listen to conversational podcasts even at low volumes.

In addition, the headphones can be switched to transparency mode in order to hear everything that is happening around – there are no complaints about this function either. Switching is done by pressing the headphone leg or directly from the iPhone. Someone dislikes Noise cancellation in AirPods and considers it not the best, but for everyday needs it works without problems.

AirPods Pro in ears

The only gripe I’ve had with AirPods since I’ve used them is the way they sit in my ears. More precisely, the auricles begin to get tired after prolonged use of the headphones. I don’t have this problem with regular AirPods. And other users had no complaints about the form factor.

I think this is an isolated case, also associated with the weight of the accessory itself – 5.4 grams. From myself, I can also add that the headphones seem to be created only for listening to music, but talking on the phone in them is no longer so convenient – again, they are more suitable for this Regular AirPods.

Advantages of AirPods Pro

If you currently use AirPods 1 or 2, you will feel everything Advantages of AirPods Pro from the very beginning.

  • Headphones excellent handle any kind of music. It can be rock, instrumental or pop. Playback is heavily affected by the EQ setting, which is great: for regular AirPods equalizer in iPhone does not mean anything at all – the sound does not change.
  • AirPods Pro connect quickly to iPhone or iPad thanks to the H1 chip.
  • Touch control in AirPods Pro. You get used to it very quickly after regular AirPods.
  • Excellent training headphones. If controlling playback by pressing while running is not very convenient, then they are perfect for functional training: playback does not stop, as happens with AirPods 2, good sound and noise reduction allow you not to hear extraneous sounds, allowing you to focus on the exercise.
  • Battery in AirPods. Apple officially states that the headphones last up to 4.5 hours, but in practice, the operating time is much longer. Especially if disable noise reduction. My AirPods Pro lasted over 5 hours on a single charge.
  • AirPods Pro Charging Case. It is slightly different in size from the regular AirPods case. And the location of the headphones inside is also different. However, it is very compact and does not take up much space, and recently it has received MagSafe support, which will allow it to be charged in this way.

    AirPods Problems

    AirPods Pro have two main problems – a battery that dies over time, and a crash that can occur due to marriage. Fortunately, things are not so bad: the battery starts to fail when the usage period approaches two years, and crackling in the headphones is a warranty case. You will simply be given new headphones. By the way, sometimes new headphones issued to replace defective ones solve both problems.

    From Cons of AirPods Pro These are their microphones. They are quite mediocre both during a telephone conversation and during a FaceTime video call. But in iOS 15, this problem was partly solved by introducing noise reduction: turn on “Voice Isolation” and the interlocutor will stop hearing extraneous noise from you.

    Should you buy AirPods Pro?

    If you are in the mood buy AirPods Prothen do it without thinking. Wait AirPods Pro 2 meaningless: Apple can easily postpone their release, as it did with AirPods 3, and you will only lose valuable time. In addition, Apple products tend to rise in price. Overall, we can say that the AirPods Pro are worth the money and work great in the Apple ecosystem.

    Buying used AirPods is probably not worth it – there are high chances of getting a fake. Even new AirPods, bought from an official reseller, it is better to check it carefully. Despite the fact that the first generation of AirPods Pro will soon turn 3 years old, they still show their best side and it is difficult to find a worthy replacement from another manufacturer.

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