Shock content. Compare prices for iPhones imported into the Russian Federation by parallel and gray imports

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After the cessation of activities and supplies to Russia of equipment from most foreign manufacturers, so that consumers have the opportunity to purchase new models, the government approved a mechanism parallel import. Its essence lies in the fact that the seller buys abroad and imports goods into our country without the permission of the manufacturer. It is with the help of this procedure that they get on the shelves of domestic stores. Apple devices.

At the same time, many buyers paid attention to how the cost of such devices has changed relative to official deliveries. iPhones have always been the most expensive smartphones, and have become even more expensive. Let’s compare the price of iPhones imported into Russia through parallel and gray importand determine where it is best to buy them.

Where is the cheapest place to buy an iPhone?

When they first announced the introduction parallel import, many buyers briskly began to rub their hands. Taking into account the fact that the dollar exchange rate against the ruble at the time of the start of deliveries began to decline rapidly, it was possible to purchase the coveted device even cheaper than it would be with official deliveries. But the reality turned out to be much tougher. No one mentioned that the cost of buying such devices abroad will have to add logistics costs, VAT, certification and sales costs in Russia. In particular, the salary of sellers, warranty service and rent for shops.

All this eventually resulted in a huge difference with the gray supplies, which received a second wind in the current situation. After all, sellers of “gray” iPhones are not threatened by either VAT or certification. They import devices into Russia unofficially. According to Izvestia, some iPhone models the range of prices can reach 100 thousand rubles, depending on the place of sale. You don’t even have to go far to see the difference. It is enough to refer to the sites of several popular Apple technology stores and Yandex Market.

For example, in Re-Store, Apple Premium Reseller, basic iPhone 13 for 128 GB of memory costs 86,990 rubles. We go to Yandex Market and what do we see? Imported with the help of gray imports, exactly the same iPhone costs 63,510 rubles. But there are also quite reliable sellers who do not list their goods on Yandex Market. In this online store you can find iPhone 13 already for 62500 rubles. The difference is almost 25 thousand rubles. And this is for the base model.

Let’s look at the device above the class. iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB imported with parallel import, can be purchased for a “modest” 129,990 rubles. Absolutely the same device, but imported unofficially, can be found for 84,790 rubles. The difference is easy to calculate. It is 45200 rubles. At the same time, the run-up grows exponentially depending on the model and the amount of memory. To say that this may shock the layman is to say nothing. At the same time, most of the stores that sell you unofficial iPhonesexactly also bear by law warranty obligations. You can, as with parallel import, contact the seller and get a repair or replacement of the device. Usually such stores value their reputation, which is so difficult for them to earn. For interest, you can see how much other configurations and iPhone models cost:

  • iPhone 13 512 GB : white price – 115 thousand rubles, gray price – 94 thousand rubles.
  • iPhone 13 256 GB : white price – 96 thousand rubles, gray price – 78 thousand rubles.
  • iPhone 12 128 GB : white price – 73 thousand rubles, gray price – 63 thousand rubles.
  • iPhone 12 64 GB : white price – 67 thousand rubles, gray price – 52 thousand rubles.
  • iPhone 11 128 GB : white price – 58 thousand rubles, gray price – 46 thousand rubles.

In any case, the price difference cannot be that huge. Indeed, even if we add VAT and additional costs, which in terms of a piece of equipment will not be so large, then the spread should be less. In this situation, only banal greed comes to mind. Sellers are trying to make money on us with all their might, and this can be seen with the naked eye. But, on the other hand, it becomes more and more difficult for them to purchase goods, and there is a real problem with logistics. Supply chains are exposed and destroyed in every possible way. Because of this, Russia even forbade disclosing the sources of import of new devices. However, consumers are not interested in all these problems. They just want a product at a good price.

iPhone 13 – buy

For those buyers who consider themselves rational and consider money, you should pay attention to Chinese marketplaces Joom and aliexpress. Thanks to the comfortable dollar exchange rate, it is there that you can buy iPhones right now with a very pleasant discount. For example, iPhone 13 128 GB sold at Joom at a price of 59700 rubles. This is less than the cost at which this device went on sale. And lower than the psychological barrier of 60 thousand rubles. A little, but lower.

Buy iPhone 13

If you are interested in the Pro-series of iPhones, then on the same site you can buy iPhone 13 Pro for 128 GB for 78 thousand rubles. For comparison, the same model in the Re-Store will cost you 120 thousand rubles. The difference is more than 40 thousand. Of course, there are buyers who need to come to the store and just buy the device. No orders and no waiting. So to speak, a direct exchange of money for goods. In such a situation, it is very unlikely to do without an overpayment for an iPhone, but it is possible. The main thing is to find a good seller. We really hope that some benefits will appear for companies involved in parallel imports in the near future. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to continue to compete with gray devices that have received a second life in the new conditions.

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