Sales of AirPods 3 began in Russia. Is it worth buying them

AirPods 3

Today, October 26, official sales of AirPods 3 started in Russia. The novelty can already be purchased on the Apple website and from its partners. But, if you are determined to get a new generation of headphones, it is better not to delay. Apparently, stocks of AirPods 3 – at least for Russia – are extremely scarce. Because in many stores “ears” are no longer available. Headphone delivery times can vary from 1 to 2 weeks, and in some cases, a banner with the inscription “Sold out” simply hangs on the product page.

Official AirPods 3 price in Russia – 16 490 rubles. Despite the fact that in the US they ask for almost a third less for headphones – $ 179 – Americans do not include sales tax in the price, which in our country is 20% of the cost of the goods. Therefore, it is more appropriate to compare our price with the European one, where AirPods 3 cost about the same money.

If we focus strictly on the official price, then AirPods 3 fit very well into the Apple lineup, neatly standing between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. The company today sells the second generation of TWS headphones for 12.5 thousand rubles, and asks for almost 25 for firmware, so AirPods 3 look quite decent against their background. Especially in terms of functionality.

How are AirPods 2 different from AirPods 3

If we evaluate the functionality of the headphones, it becomes clear that AirPods 3 looks more attractive than AirPods 2. Here are the key advantages of the new model over the old model:

  • Search through “Locator”
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Water and sweat protection
  • Spatial Audio
  • Charging via MagSafe
  • fast charging

AirPods 2 doesn’t have any of that. This is rather strange since they have the same processor as the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro – H1. But, apparently, in Cupertino they decided to merge the old model, making it clear that you need to buy either a “three-ruble note” or a “trick”. However, in my opinion, today in the assortment of Apple there is only one earphone worthy of purchase.

This is AirPods Pro. I won’t go into the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode that the Pro model supports. Moreover, in ordinary life, as practice shows, these are not very necessary functions. Another thing is that the “firmware” today costs exactly the same as AirPods 3. In any case, if you do not buy it from Apple.

Lowest price for AirPods Pro on Yandex.Market is around 16-16.5 thousand rubles. However, there are occasional better deals. For example, on Tmall and SberMegaMarket, options for 15-15.5 thousand periodically slip through, which is even more profitable.

Which is better: AirPods Pro or AirPods 3

Yes, AirPods Pro may seem uncomfortable to some due to the form factor of the earplugs. These headphones are inserted directly into the ear canal. But it is precisely because of this that the quality of the sound will be at an unparalleled higher level. In the end, silicone ear pads not only cut off external noise, but also create additional volume.

Consequently, AirPods Pro will sound richer and more voluminous, and external noise will be counteracted better than any noise reduction, not to mention all the other features inherent in this model. And, if silicone ear pads don’t suit you, you can purchase these memory foam eartips. Everyone who bought them was wildly satisfied.

If you are determined buy AirPods 3, and you are not afraid that for some time the headphones will be in short supply, it is better to wait a bit. At least a month. Despite the fact that this will be the pre-New Year period, it is obvious that by then the market will be flooded with offers from gray trucks that will offer headphones are 15-20% cheaper.

This is due to the fact that special tax conditions apply in Europe. If you are not a resident of the European Union, but you buy electronic goods there, you can return VAT, which is up to 20%, upon departure. So there is nothing unusual about lower prices for serous trucks – just business and no dumping.

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