Sale of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 has begun in Russia. How to buy at a discount

iPhone 12

If you were going buy a new iPhonethen now is the best time. Prices for current-generation Apple flagships have never been so low. Despite the fact that the dollar has not yet returned to the mark of 70 rubles, sellers arrange big sales. For example, in a little more than a year that has passed since the release, the iPhone 12 has fallen in price by more than 25 thousand rubles. However, this is not the only suggestion. There are others, no less attractive.

The most profitable buy Apple smartphones in Russia – at the Tmall site. This is the Russian division of AliExpress, where the goods of official retailers are presented. So you can not be afraid to buy even such expensive devices there. The main thing is to make sure that the seller was more or less known: Svyaznoy, Megafon or the Official Tmall store.

iPhone prices

In fact, this is not the whole range iPhone with discounts. If you wish, you can find other Apple smartphones. For example, Tmall still sells officially refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max. And these are not only the basic versions with 64 GB of memory, but also the top ones – at 256 and 512 GB. True, they ask for them, as for me, too much. Therefore, it is better to take something newer.

The best option, in my opinion, in this case is iPhone 12 128 GB. Now it costs 35 thousand rubles cheaper than at the start of sales, and at the same time offers a fairly sane amount of internal memory. Of course, for your own peace of mind, it is better to choose the 256 GB version, but a 128 GB drive is no longer a minimum. Therefore, you can safely take.

Should I buy an iPhone on Tmall?

Please note: if the iPhone is indicated opposite AliExpress promo code, then the minimum price is achieved only with its help. Add the device to the shopping cart and apply the code at the checkout stage. Your best bet is to copy it and just paste it. But keep in mind that if you enter manually, you need to do this only with capslock. If the letters in the promotional code are printed in lowercase, it will not work.

No need to be afraid buy on tmall. All the equipment that large retailers sell there has Rostest certification and full warranty. These are not gray devices that are imported from abroad and can only qualify for a year of after-sales service. Tmall sells official iPhoneswhich, according to the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, are serviced under a guarantee of up to two years.

Unlike regular Aliexpress, Tmall delivery works much faster, offering three delivery options at once: courier delivery, delivery by mail or delivery to pickup points. The first option is the fastest. If you place an order today, then the iPhone will be delivered on February 23 – you can make it in time for the holiday. But since couriers are usually late, I prefer pickup points. As a rule, their role is played by postamates, where you can come and pick up the order yourself.

Electronics purchased from Tmall are subject to another requirement of consumer protection law. It is that you have the right return the item within 7 days from the date of receipt, regardless of whether it refers to technically complex devices or not. The main thing is that the device is not in use and has no signs of operation.

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