Purple iPhone 12 and 4 more stylish devices from Apple

iPhone 13

Purple iPhone 12

The iPhone is a famous smartphone in its own right. If earlier you saw in commercials the recognizable features of a device with a familiar “Home” button, now it is the silhouette of a smartphone with a Face ID bang (which, in fact, has become smaller!). Yes, the iPhone 13 has not changed so much this year, but probably everyone has already joked about the new location of the camera modules. However, to keep us entertained (and make some money) last year, the company released a purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, truly the most beautiful iPhone ever.

Purple is considered to be the favorite color of Steve Jobs. Most likely, the release of the device in this version is a one-time action, but given how popular the smartphone has become, there is every chance that the iPhone 13 will be released in purple.

New iMac Colors

iMac has always been a strict office worker dressed in a dress code. But times are changing, and office uniforms are a thing of the past: this year, iMac received not only the M1 chip, but also new body colors. Green, yellow, orange and purple colors are designed not only to diversify your workspace, but also to make it more comfortable.

It’s nice that desktop Apple computers received saturated colors: such were the multi-colored iPhone XR, but the iPhone 11 has already become a little paler. Nevertheless, another respect to Apple for such a bold experiment. We hope someday AirPods will be not only white.

iPad Pro M1

The iPad Pro is one of the most beautiful tablets I’ve ever seen. The design of the “firmware” was so liked and remembered by customers that this year it received a younger brother in the face of the iPad mini 6. The compact iPad was rethought and actually breathed new life into it: Touch ID moved to the power button, and the front panel resembles the iPad Pro (or some Galaxy Tab, as some say). There is reason to believe that even the budget iPad will become similar to the iPad Pro in the near future. In my opinion, this is a logical move.

iPod Classic

In my opinion, all players from Apple can be called stylish and memorable. Again, the iPod is easy to recognize “in the crowd”: cheap players with the design of the iPod Shuffle are still being released, but they cost ridiculous money. However, the iPod Classic was the most important among all Apple players. Close your eyes and remember any popular movie of the 2000s: one of the characters is sure to go to work in the office, holding an iPod Classic in his hands!

The most recognizable detail of the player is the Click Wheel joystick for navigating the media library, which is definitely not to be confused with anything else. What to say about the aluminum case: such a device is incredibly pleasant to hold in your hand! Despite the fact that the iPod Classic was beautiful, it was in full order with the characteristics: the sixth generation of players received 160 GB of memory, and autonomy was enough for 36 hours of listening to music.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch is the most stylish accessory from Apple, which, by the way, is very loved and appreciated by girls. Let’s start with the fact that even the very first generations became popular very quickly: they are pleasant to wear for training, work, and even leisure. The only thing worth paying attention to is the strap.

In the Apple Watch, it is in a sense similar to shoes: for a date to a restaurant, it is better to choose a strict Milanese loop accessory than a casual velcro or Nike sports accessory. You don’t wear to such places training shoes, right?

Apple Watch 7 is, in my opinion, the most beautiful smart watch not only from Apple, but in general. The screen has become larger, the brightness has increased, and the new model can also refract light at the edges of the display to create the effect of a smooth rounding of the case. In general, there is no doubt that the Apple Watch is the most stylish and omnivorous gadget from Apple.

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