Prices for the iPhone in Russia are flying down, and M.Video has returned the discount for points. But no one cares


Despite the fact that back in March everyone was sure that now iPhone prices on average, they will no longer be 70-100 thousand rubles, but all 150-200, after only two months the situation began to level off. The dollar significantly lost its positions, and prices began to return to pre-crisis levels. Retailers reduced them gradually, but in recent days it has become especially noticeable. In most retail chains iPhones are already worth plus or minus the same as they cost in February, and, apparently, this is not yet the limit of the discount.

Russian retailers continue lower iPhone prices and other smartphones. In some cases, the discount was 30% or even more. This was confirmed by several retail chains at once: M.Video, Eldorado, Svyaznoy and Re:Store. The discounts are the result of several factors at once, such as the appreciation of the ruble, continued supplies that have not really stopped completely, and reduced demand from consumers.

How much does an iPhone cost in Russia now

If you open the M.Video website and search for iPhone, you will see that in most cases Apple smartphone prices really become more acceptable.

Prices for iPhone in M.Video:

  • iPhone SE 2020 64 GB – 39,990 rubles
  • iPhone 11 64 GB – 49,990 rubles
  • iPhone 12 mini 128 GB – 61,990 rubles
  • iPhone 12 64 GB – 62,990 rubles
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 256 GB – 89,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 mini 128 GB – 72,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB – 122,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB – 139,990 rubles

This list shows that prices for some items have not yet returned to February values. However, if you decide buy iPhone in M.Video or in Eldorado, then for the first time in a long time you will be able to write off bonus points, receiving a discount of up to 50%. Retail chains decided to temporarily restore this opportunity, although they canceled it about a year ago, creating a list of exceptions, when buying which it became impossible to get a discount for points.

On Tmall, iPhone prices are slightly more attractive. But the site does not allow write off points and get an even bigger discount, and in installments iPhone you can’t buy it there, which for many can be a serious reason to go to regular retail. In the end, it may not be possible for someone to lay out even 50 thousand rubles in cash at once.

Yes, installment plan for iPhone in M.Video provided for 6 months only. But, if this is not enough, then you can take a loan with a fixed rate. Your overpayment will be 10%, but you can pay for a smartphone for not half a year, but for 10 months. In this case, it will not be necessary to buy additional accessories or services for a certain amount, as in the case of installments.

But where does such generosity come from? Apparently, the point is that iPhones are almost gone. There are several reasons for this:

  • People have less money or they began to think that it is better to save it for a rainy day, and not spend it on a smartphone;
  • Deliveries of the iPhone to Russia did not stop, as Apple threatened, but continue in fairly large volumes;
  • The iPhone is no longer as attractive as it used to be due to the disabling of Apple Pay and possible blocking.

Should You Buy an iPhone Now?

Understand the first reason abandoning the iPhoneTo be honest, I don’t see much point. Unemployment or downtime, in which many enterprises have sent their employees, clearly does not contribute to the accumulation of money and the desire to buy new smartphones.

Another thing is supplies. Contrary to Apple’s promise to stop import of their equipment to Russia, we see that deliveries are still ongoing. I put forward this version a few weeks ago when I assumed that there could not be enough stock to continue to satisfy iPhone demand and other Apple devices within a few months. And so it happened. It is not known whether parallel imports have started working or whether Cupertino itself is giving up its statements, but, one way or another, apple technology is coming to Russia, and it seems that it will continue to go.

But the decline in demand is a serious thing. Even if Apple continues to sell its equipment to our distributors, it is obvious that in the eyes of the consumer, the iPhone has already ceased to be as attractive as it used to be. Disabling Apple Pay and payments in the App Store, the removal of banking applications and the departure of many services led to the fact that the majority began to think – is such a smartphone needed at all, which can simply be turned off at any time? Naturally, it is not needed.

Is it forever or maybe it’s worth it now to fork out and buy yourself an iPhone for the future? It’s hard to say. It is obvious to me that a commercial company, the purpose of which is to make a profit, cannot simply refuse additional income. But Russia, with all the conventions, regularly brought Apple tens of billions of net profits. Giving it up means voluntarily giving your earnings to others. Therefore, Apple is likely to return. But whether the consumer wants this is still a big question.

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