Prices for iPhone 14 in Russia fell by almost 30% in 2 weeks


Despite the fact that Apple never brought iPhone 14 to Russia, today novelties are freely sold in almost any local electronics store. How they got here, in principle, is easy to guess. Parallel imports did their job, and the devices reached both conditionally official retail and unofficial, that is, gray, albeit at rather high prices. However, after almost two weeks of presence iPhone 14 in the Russian market the situation has become calmer, and now it has become possible to buy them significantly cheaper.

Immediately after the start iPhone 14 sales in Russia their prices left much to be desired. Even taking into account the fact that the ruble exchange rate was set at fairly high limits, and the smartphones themselves were purchased in countries with weakening currencies, they asked for prohibitively large amounts of money for new items. They turned out to be even more expensive than their predecessors, which Apple officially traded.

iPhone 14 prices in Russia

Here old prices for iPhone 14 in Russiawhich were recorded by us at the start of sales:

  • iPhone 14 128 GB – 86,000 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB – 142,990 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB – 149,990 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Pro 1 TB – 214,990 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max for 1 TB – 224,990 rubles

The prices are, frankly, insane. Were. Because as of October 5, the situation looks completely different. Compare for yourself:

In some cases, the decline was as much as 30%. But after all, nothing has passed – just two weeks, so this is clearly not the limit. The thing is that the rush demand for new items has subsided, and the number of stores where you can buy them has grown. As a result, the market economy has done its job, reacting to the increase in supply with a natural reduction in prices.

Where to buy iPhone 14

It is obvious that prices for some devices will continue to fall. Personally, I would expect cheaper older models, which still have the potential to reduce prices, while cheapest iPhone 14 if it will be cheaper, it is not so noticeable. Still, only a slightly wobbly iPhone 13 in the old design and with the old processor is far from the reference application that is on sale.

Determine future prospects regular iPhone 14 you can, if you remember how much the iPhone 13 recently cost. Even at the end of August, almost before iPhone 14 presentation, it was sold for 55-57 thousand rubles. But the iPhone 13 Pro in the same period could be bought in the region of 75-77K. So, if the market does not undergo fundamental changes, its successor in the face of the iPhone 14 Pro will most likely fall in price to 80 thousand rubles even before the new year.

In the old days, I would definitely clarify that we are talking about prices in gray retail and sellers from Gorbushka, who sell smartphones only for cash. But, firstly, now the concept Gray iPhones blurred, actually losing its relevance due to the legalization of parallel imports. And secondly, buy iPhone 14 at such prices, it is now possible with quite eminent sellers: for example, in SberMegaMarket, paying for an order with a card and receiving cashback with points.

Warranty for iPhone 14 in Russia

In large retail chains like M.Video, Eldorado and Svyaznoy, prices will, of course, be higher. But I would not recommend taking the iPhone 14 from them. There are several reasons for this:

  • A limited one-year warranty against manufacturing defects is valid in any stores, regardless of where you buy your smartphone;
  • Large retail chains set higher prices for no reason, as a result of which the difference can reach 25-30% not in their favor;
  • Large retail chains are unable to repair your iPhone due to the lack of components and equipment for repair, as well as small shops. Everything is only in good SC.

The only advantage iPhone 14 purchases in stores like M.Video – this is an opportunity arrange an installment plan for up to 24 months. If you break all the cost of the base iPhone 14 for 2 years, it turns out that you have to pay about 3,500 rubles a month. But on SberMegaMarket and Yandex Market there are no interest-free installments for a long period, only loans. The only exception is Ozon, where you can buy goods in installments for 10 months by paying for them with a Halva card.

But, regardless of the place of purchase, repair iPhone 14 in the event of a breakdown, you will have to at your own expense. Authorized service centers, as we have already found out, will not accept the novelty due to the lack of spare parts and the proper qualifications of the employees. Therefore, the only way to fix the device if it is out of order due to your fault is to contact our friends from Apple Pro. These are professionals in their field who carry out repairs of almost any complexity.

iPhone Repair Price Examples

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