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iPhone 13

Not so long ago, I still got my iPhone 13, which, frankly, I already put an end to. Perhaps the purchase was not the most practical, but I personally was satisfied with the fact that I gave an acceptable amount for last year’s flagship. However, from the first days it became clear that it would not be possible to handle it as carelessly as with the iPhone SE 2020 – the state employee is less picky about the manner of use, unlike the iPhone 13. Personally, in a few days I made certain conclusions for myself about what to do with the iPhone 13 definitely not worth it.

Protective glass for iPhone 13

Delivery of my iPhone took almost two months, but somehow I thought of buying a protective glass in advance – I chose this one from Baseus, without frames. The fact is that the iPhone 13, although it has Ceramic Shield glassbut this does not mean anything for us, buyers: the manufacturer claims that the risk of breaking a phone with this coating is 4 times lower, but, of course, you should not check this.

In times when there are problems with spare parts, and repairs have risen in price, visiting a service center instantly turns into a luxury. In addition, a new phone without a protective glass instantly picks up marks and small scratches. I used my iPhone SE 2020 for a year and a half without a protective glass – judging by the scratches on the screen, in vain. So, do not delay the purchase of an accessory.

Case for iPhone 13

Due to the cut edges iPhone 13 from the side resembles the iPhone 5S. However, the difference is that the old smartphone could be worn without a case without problems, especially if the smartphone was not from the first batches that appeared immediately after the presentation. As you remember, many iPhone 5S peeled paint around the edges, especially if it was a dark blue version. But the 1st generation iPhone SE did not have this.

However, the year before last, the “disease” returned: users found that the paint was peeling off the iPhone 12 (and 13 too) – I’m already silent that on the iPhone 13 Pro, they instantly scratch when dropped. So, I would not recommend using it without a case. In addition, it is not very convenient: unlike the models of previous years, it is noticeably heavier and larger, so it is not so easy to hold it in your hand.

Dropping it is a matter of chance. I decided not to take risks and on the second day I bought a transparent silicone case with high sides so that the display also did not touch the table surface. Please note: it is better to take not a case without a window for cameras, but a one-piece case with cutouts for lenses – it’s calmer that way. We even have an article in which we explained all the nuances of the choice.

What color iPhone 13 to choose

I used to be very worried about the color of the smartphone: the last iPhone, the color of which I chose with all seriousness, was the yellow iPhone XR. Even then, I began to use tight cases, so I realized that there was no point in choosing the color of the case. The iPhone SE 2020 opted for plain white, while the iPhone 13 opted for blue.

It looks good, but quickly becomes boring. So, my advice to you if you are worried: take the “alpine green” – it really looks fresh and pleasing to the eye, unlike the standard colors. Or just buy iPhone 13 any colorwhich is available – in six months you will stop paying attention to it.

Should I install iOS 16

If you bought an iPhone 13, then by no means do not install iOS 16! At first, I activated it, leaving iOS 15, which was the default, but then reset it again to transfer data from the old iPhone. The system offered to upgrade, but there were no other options, but I was very mistaken!

It turned out that the phone began to work not so smoothly, and all the exclusive wallpapers that had accumulated over previous years disappeared from the collection – we recently wrote why Apple does this. In general, the iPhone 13 on iOS 16 feels more like Android right from the lock screen, which is quite unusual to see on such a device.

By the way, in the iPhone 13 in the Camera setting there is photographic styles: The first time you start the system, you will be prompted to select one of them. It may seem that it is better not to touch anything and leave “Standard”, but according to my observations, the “Cool” setting produces more or less realistic color reproduction, although it may not be right.

It may seem that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are not much different, but they take pictures in different ways. In any case, this is what Apple claims: they figured out how the Photonic Engine works in the iPhone 14 and whether it helps to take better pictures.

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