Personal experience. Is it worth ordering an iPhone from China and is it possible to save money on it?

iPhone 13

Almost three months have passed since I received the iPhone 13 from Joom: it was the riskiest and most expensive experiment that could have turned into a failure and an empty expectation. Not only did other Joom users predict that the iPhone would not be available, but there were also rumors that it would not work. I decided to answer a few questions about ordering an iPhone from China, which are asked most often: is there a high probability of fraud, what to do if it came locked iPhone and is it possible in this way save money on buying an iPhone in 2022 year.

What is the difference between the Chinese iPhone and the original

In fact, both Chinese and American versions of iPhones are sold on Juma. The main difference is that the Chinese iPhone has a slot for two SIM cards. They are on the site now: signed CN version. However, I personally know of several cases where Joom users received an iPhone with one physical SIM card instead of two, so there is a seller’s mistake. However, no one refused the smartphone, since the return would take a very long time.

Generally, The Chinese version of the iPhone is cheaper: for example, the iPhone SE 2022 with two SIM cards is almost 1000 rubles more profitable than the regular SE. Ideal for work if you use two physical SIM cards at the same time. However, it is important to remember that such a smartphone will consume a little more energy, so I would not recommend the iPhone 12 mini or iPhone SE with weak batteries, but the iPhone 13 is worth a closer look. Especially on Joom. iPhone with two sims even more profitable than in the official Russian retail.

How many days is the parcel from Juma

When I ordered the iPhone 13, I was bribed by the reviews of other users: they received the iPhone in 3-4 weeks, less often – 5. In my case, it would have been a little longer, safer and more profitable than with a gray seller. Delivery with Joom It is designed for 105 days, and the return can be issued until the 119th – just in case you have defects. To protect yourself, it is better to record the unpacking on video so that support does not have any claims against you.

Unfortunately, the goods can go for a very long time and not be tracked for weeks. It’s no joke, but no one knows where the cargo is located. Even support for Joom. Everything is arranged in such a way that logistics companies deliver your parcels using their own methods.

If for some buyers iPhones “fly out” from Hong Kong and are displayed at customs in Sheremetyevo in a week, then for others everything can be delayed for a month, ending up at an intermediate point in Mongolia or Dushanbe. In general, I do not recommend counting on fast delivery – I had to wait almost 2 months, although there were cases when people waited for 3.

How to buy an iPhone

In fact, if buy iphone on juma, you can save. But you need to seize the moment. I snatched an iPhone 13 at a low price at the time (even cheaper than gray sellers). Plus, there was a certain cashback on the Tinkoff All Airlines card of 1%, although now it’s already 2%, and an installment plan for 3 months (albeit a paid one).

With all this in mind, I bought iPhone profitably – within the prices of serous trucks, and at the same time did not burden himself with a one-time waste of 57,000 rubles. In addition, I received almost 1000 bonus points from Joom, which I spent on two cases and a charging adapter. True, I could “shake out” an additional discount from the marketplace, but I was a little unlucky. More on that below.

Can I return an item to Joom?

Above, I indicated that there is a return – within 14 days. According to other users, the money is returned very quickly: usually within 7 days, until the iPhone from the point of issue (if you did not pick it up) gets to customs. But in my case, other waiters started to panic, and others got their money back almost on the day they applied because of the loss of iPhones!

Someone even managed to get a 5-7% discount due to the expectation and fear that smartphones are locked or have an MDM profile installed on them. One of the “experienced” even said that after two months iPhone unlock “fall off”, as a result of which it will become inoperative. It turned out to be complete nonsense.

But this did not last long: the fact is that the support responded with the same phrases and did not give intelligible answers, will iPhone work in Russia or not. So, those who agreed are lucky, and those who wanted to get an even bigger discount from Jum are not. Apparently, the support was informed about how to check the iPhone for a blacklist, as a result of which the attraction of unprecedented generosity ended!

Now buy iPhones on Joom I do not recommend: the prices there are noticeably higher, before the New Year, delivery can last at least until February. However, it is worth recognizing that the iPhone 13 turned out to be fully functional and without any defects. If you are not in a hurry, you can take the second generation Apple Watch SE on Joom – with a 10% discount on the first order, the watch will cost significantly less than that of serovars in the Russian Federation.

Apple Watch SE 2 profitable

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