Personal experience: I hid the iMac in the closet after buying a laptop


For many users, monoblocks are associated with iMacs. With them, the revival of Apple began, and they are now actively losing popularity. Other companies also produce their monoblocks, but none of them can boast of a combination of excellent design and cool hardware. However, no matter what features Apple puts in the iMac, users prefer portable compact Macbooks to stationary computers. And there are actually quite a few reasons for this.

And the most important of them is the price. Even the most cheap iMac will be more expensive MacBook Air with M1 processor. We understand for what reasons, besides the price, most users choose MacBook instead of iMac and how a laptop can replace a desktop computer.

Is it worth buying an iMac

The main reason why a laptop is purchased instead of a monoblock is mobility. You get the opportunity to work from any point convenient for you. And to move into it, you just need to close the lid of the computer and throw it into your backpack. Plus, for such work, constant access to the outlet is not required. The battery charge of modern MacBooks is enough for a very long time of continuous operation.

But mobility isn’t just about where you interact with your computer geographically, it’s just about being able to get up from your desk and move to the couch. Several years of remote work have taught many not to sit constantly on a chair, but to periodically change their position in space. By the way, for some employees, this opportunity has significantly increased productivity.

iMac in this regard is guaranteed to bind you hand and foot. Not only do you need a well-equipped workplace with a table and a comfortable chair, but in addition to this, a miracle will not happen without an outlet. iMacs don’t have any batteries and you need electricity all the time. But, of course, relocating with Aimak is much more convenient than with a conventional desktop computer, which includes a separate system unit and monitor. Surprisingly, it is the presence of a table that becomes a stumbling block for many. After all, not everywhere the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment allows you to safely place at least a small workplace.

The latter I can confirm by my own example. After the birth of the child, the table on which Aimak stood was dismantled, and a crib took its place, and the computer wandered from place to place. In the summer I bought a laptop, because it was inconvenient for me to work on a tablet and on a desktop computer due to the need to constantly move around. As a result, the iMac just took up space in the closet until better times.

Perhaps someday he will return to the table, but now I understand that such computers at home are definitely a relic of the past and I do not advise anyone to buy them. For the office iMac, as before, remains one of the best solutions. But its cost may deter many entrepreneurs from buying. Even in such a situation, it is easier to buy laptops for your employees.

How to connect monitor to macbook

Another reason for users to abandon the iMac is the ability to very easily turn any Macbook into a desktop computer. You just need to buy a good monitor to go with it, or just use a TV with HDMI, which you probably already have at home. No tricks required: just buy a dedicated hub with lots of different ports, or order a USB-C to HDMI cable and you can enjoy all the charms of the big screen.

Buy USB-C to HDMI adapter

Buy a USB-C to HDMI adapter

And if you also have good acoustics connected to your monitor or TV, then you definitely won’t need any iMac. At the same time, most modern Macbooks are not only not inferior to Aimak in performance, but also surpass it. Therefore, when buying a laptop, you have many more options and configurations. Picking something exactly for your needs is much easier.

Well, by the way Apple has been updating iMacs in recent years, it is clear that Cupertino realized that it was Macbooks that generated the main profit for them. In the summer, we said that Apple is developing the next iMac model immediately on the processors of the M3 family. That is, current M2s will be completely skipped. It is unlikely that if the product was really popular, Apple would leave it without an update.

It is possible that the iMac Pro can help out the Cupertino company. Its previous generation Intel processors was discontinued in March 2021. At the same time, many people fell in love with this version of the computer for its excellent performance and cool screen. The new iMac Pro may get M3 Pro processors and M3 Max and become a worthy successor to the previous generation. That’s just whether someone will need it in the presence of the most luxurious MacBook Pro 14 and 16 on the same productive processors, but providing a completely different level of mobility – this is a big question.

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