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How to clean AirPods

The first thing I pay attention to is the cleanliness of AirPods. I have already told you that headphones are ideal for training. The only problem is that AirPods 2 are not equipped with water and sweat protection. But for all this time there were no problems with the headphones – probably, you have to try very hard for the headphones to fail due to sweating during training.

But the body material itself tends to turn yellow over time. This is influenced by many factors, among which is the ingress of sweat, water and earwax. After every time I use my AirPods, I gently wipe them down with a dry cloth or alcohol wipe if I have one nearby. Of course, this will not solve the problem of yellowing, but it will allow AirPods to remain snow-white as long as possible.

In addition, the more you use headphones, the more often you should do general cleaning: pick up ear sticks, toothpicks (as carefully as possible) and alcohol wipes. Ear buds come in handy in order to carefully walk along the membrane and collect all the accumulated dirt in the headphones, as well as clean hard-to-reach places in the case itself.

Do not be afraid to use toothpicks: they help to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas of both the headphones and the case. Just do it carefully and without fanaticism, so as not to hurt the mesh itself. And a toothpick will definitely come in handy for cleaning the charging connector – garbage constantly accumulates there. If possible, I use special cleaning tools. For example, here are.

AirPods Cleaning Kit

And I also wipe the inside of the case with a napkin. Have you noticed that some scuffs constantly remain there, dirt accumulates and the AirPods storage slots themselves are greasy? In a hurry, we take the headphones out of our ears and insert them into the charging case, as a result of which it gets dirty from the inside. I had three pairs of AirPods, but only AirPods Pro managed not to stain the inside of the case.

How to wear AirPods 2

AirPods 2 are insanely lightweight headphones. Sometimes you forget that they are in your ears. Especially often this happens in winter, when you wear a hat and put the music on pause: at some point you start search AirPods, you check the case, but you remember that they have not gone away. In fact, I have noticed that many people put them in their pocket (without a case), on a table or in a bag. This increases the chance of damaging the headphones.

They also drain faster when they’re out of a case. Do not forget that AirPods are very easy to lose and hard to find – they fly in different directions when dropped. So, I can advise you to put them back in the charging case when not in use or leave them in your ears, but in no case do not store AirPods in this state.

The case itself, of course, should be worn in a special case: it scratches incredibly quickly, almost from air. On the one hand, you understand that expensive headphones from Apple better protect properly. On the other hand, the charging case is a case for storing AirPods. Why do you need case cover? It’s like a suitcase cover. This question is difficult to answer, but my friends protected their headphones with these accessories. A thick plastic case is a very reliable solution, but makes the case bulky.

Durable AirPods Case

There is a better option – silicone case for AirPods. Simple and convenient, but often it slips, and various debris gets under it, which can scratch the case.

Silicone case for AirPods

How to properly charge AirPods

Everything is very simple here. I try not to drain AirPods “to zero” and as often as possible I check the charge of each earbud in the widget on the iPhone – there is a feeling that the habit of not discharging an accessory prolongs its life. Even if you are on a long trip, try to let your headphones rest every 2-3 hours. You will see that they will last you longer.

I used to use AirPods without monitoring the charge level of the case, as a result of which I could be left without music right on the way to work. Now I try charge AirPods a couple of times a week, even if the case is about 70%. For charging, I use exclusively the original complete Lightning – I do not trust third-party manufacturers.

Not so long ago, my AirPods 2 turned one year old. According to the sensations, they did not work worse, did not begin to discharge faster. I hope I’m doing everything right!

Share in the comments your tricks that extend the life of AirPods.

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