Paying with an iPhone without Apple will not work. Don’t read nonsense


Since the shutdown Apple Pay in Russia, news regularly appears that in the near future company X will launch on iPhone your payment service, which will completely replace the disabled one. Such messages currently remain the only hope for iPhone users. After all, on iOS everything is not as simple as described in similar articles. If at first they still allowed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, now they are already causing outright laughter.

To use iPhone as means of paymentyou need to access NFC module. Do it today without permission Apple just impossible. We understand why this is so and what implementation method developers can offer us.

How to pay with iPhone

iPhone users hit by shutdown Apple Pay most. Due to closed iOS alternatives to apple payment service the iPhone just doesn’t. The company’s policy is NFC module can only be used for your own payment service. For any other actions, it is blocked, and in App Store analogues are not allowed Apple Pay.

Sufficiently strict policy of restrictions. But it must be admitted that everything related to freedom for users and loss of profit for Apple has always been severely limited iOS. What is only a story with deletion from App Store games Fortnite. Recall that the developers, in violation of the rules of the app store, added payment for in-app purchases using their payment system.

Knowing about all these restrictions and about the policy that is being pursued in Cupertino, look at the news that a similar one will be launched on iOS in the near future Apple Pay, without surprise it does not work. Some news outlets even report that iPhone can be turned into SoftPos-terminal for accepting payments, which also needs access to NFC.

Let’s say right away: until the moment when she herself Apple will not give developers access to NFC and payment services in App Storemiracle will not happen. Without these two things, paying with an iPhone, and even more so turning it into a terminal, will not work. Both of these actions require the consent of the company, and it holds on to its principles with all its might and, apparently, will not change anything before court decisions or laws are made to do so.

Moreover, these should not be decisions of our authorities, but of those markets where Apple continues its work and which it considers key, for example, Europe or the USA. Only after precedents in these countries will iPhone users around the world have a real chance to get alternatives. Apple Pay. In the meantime, arm yourself with plastic cards or pay using a QR code. We advise you to take such news with appropriate skepticism, because for the most part this is nonsense.

NFC on iPhone

The likelihood of some progress in terms of payment by smartphone on iOS still exists. In Europe, they have long wanted to put on the Apple operating system to increase competition alternative app stores and payment systems. In the fall, such a bill will be considered, and if passed, Cupertino will have to comply or leave the market, which they simply cannot allow. Considering that it is Europe that has, in fact, forced Apple Starting next year, switch all your devices to USB-C Let’s hope that such a law will be passed.

But NFC module It’s not just contactless payments. If you have used only iPhones all your life, then you may not know that this technology allows you to connect to other devices. For example, to columns. Smartphone on Android you can just touch a certain place on the column with NFC, and the connection will be established. No device searches, button presses and other unnecessary actions. Everything is fast and quite fervently.

And even this is not the whole scope for such technology. By using NFC can scan special labels and view the data that is recorded on them. It can be some text, link, e-mail, phone number, address, Wi-Fi network settings, links to social networks and much more. But you can not limit yourself to viewing data, but create some smartphone automationwhich will automatically run after the label is read.

One of the most convenient ways to use NFC is the ability to read a bank card. In many applications, when entering details for transferring funds to another user, it is enough to attach a plastic card to the smartphone, and the data will automatically pop up. I use this method from time to time. Yes, transferring by phone number is faster, but lately not many people want to share it.

Let’s hope that Apple still open access to NFC on their smartphones. For the most part, of course, iPhone users need the ability to pay with smartphone. The most habitual action became inconvenient at the moment. But the world is not limited to payments. Developers will quickly find applications for this technology. And users Apple also know its convenience in full.

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