Opinion: iPhone SE 3 is the worst smartphone from Apple


Apple recently introduced third generation iPhone SE, which was probably received too coldly. In all the years, I don’t remember that all fans of apple technology were so indifferent to the new product. Insiders said different things, there were even rumors that the new SE would become similar to the iPhone 13 mini, but everything turned out to be much simpler. Let me remind you that the iPhone 13 also received not so many changes, but Apple continues to confidently release the same thing year after year. It seems that the iPhone SE 3 was the last straw – the company urgently needs to reconsider its attitude towards this smartphone, otherwise it risks being left on the sidelines of history. I propose to talk about what is happening.

What does the iPhone SE 3 look like?

Many readers of our Telegram chat paid attention to the pomp with which Apple introduced the iPhone SE 3. An employee of the company and Tim Cook himself presented it with such enthusiasm as they had never imagined the iPhone X. True, there is nothing special to present: it is still the same iPhone 8 with an improved camera, a 5G module, a modern processor and slightly increased battery life. On this, perhaps, everything.

Many fans of technology recognized the presentation as the worst in recent times, and the smartphone itself did not impress anyone. The most talked about is that it has risen in price: Apple announced that the budget smartphone in the base will cost $429. You know, it’s even scary to imagine how much it would cost in Russia if it went on sale.

And the company once again wiped its feet on you and me: the Cupertino people decided what to increase minimum memory in iPhone not worth it and left 64 GB. Really? No one in their right mind would want a smartphone with the iPhone 8 design, small screen, 64 GB on board, and for that kind of money. Apple again showed itself in all its glory and scored on potential buyers.

What to buy instead of iPhone SE

Probably, Apple considers itself invulnerable and releases new smartphones according to the famous principle “First you work for the record book, and then it works for you”. The company became self-sufficient and truly recognizable during the time of Tim Cook, but in the last year, the head of Apple has definitely holed up, listed and does not make sudden movements before leaving. It is already known who will become his successor: the new head of Apple will have to clean up the Augean stables.

Samsung, Xiaomi and other manufacturers are already stepping on their heels in the budget smartphone segment: the South Korean company feels like a fish in water in this price category and is already ready to release competitors. It is reported that in mid-March there will be four new inexpensive Samsung Galaxythe eldest of which (most likely, A73) will be cooler than the iPhone SE in all respects.

It will have a powerful camera, and frameless AMOLED display with a frequency of 120 Hz, and even support for microSD cards (well, just in case). Only the Snapdragon 750G raises questions. What will a buyer who wants to buy an inexpensive but modern smartphone choose? Definitely not an iPhone 8. Sorry, iPhone SE 3.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone

In my subjective opinion, Apple has completely discredited the iPhone SE and the image inexpensive iPhone. The company could choose not to release it and wait a couple more years (iPhone SE came out in 2016, then in 2020), or take this line much more seriously. Previous smartphones had their own flair and the “fan-favorite design” feature worked, but in 2022 it will no longer help. As the saying goes, the same joke played twice is no longer funny.

This line was positioned, if you remember how Special Edition, but now only two letters remain from this phrase: “S” and “E”, which do not carry any meaning. Many dislike Samsung and Android smartphones in general, but even the Korean company is much more loyal to its fans. Let me remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) was delayed and could not be released at all, but it was still released.

And in this Samsung again turned out to be better than Apple! It is clear that it was important for the South Koreans, first of all, to make money on sales of the device, but they did not treat it carelessly, like the Cupertino people, and released a smartphone that in many respects is even comparable to the flagship Galaxy S21.

iPhone SE 3 Apple’s worst smartphone throughout history. Remember the iPhone 5C? It was an experiment, albeit not a very successful one. Two previous iPhone SE generations – interesting devices, though not without flaws. They felt the special attitude of the company to its customers. But the iPhone SE 3 is an absolutely ordinary smartphone that you want to forget about and no longer remember.

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