On the iPhone of different generations, Face ID breaks en masse, and Apple does not respond


face ID is a whole complex of advanced hardware components and software algorithms, which actually has no analogues on the market. It is difficult to imagine a simpler and more convenient way to unlock your smartphone than this one. This has been the case for 5 years since the release of the iPhone X, which was the first to receive face recognition. And so it would have continued further if Apple had not accidentally broke Face ID. How she did it is an open question. But every day there are more and more iPhone owners whose face unlock system breaks down.

Face ID doesn’t always work

A big thread appeared on the Reddit portal, where users complain that the system Face ID on their iPhone stops working by her own. At first, the smartphone simply does not allow verification by scanning the face. For example, when paying for a purchase in the App Store or at the time of authorization in a banking application. Instead of simply recognizing its owner, the device prompts you to enter a password.

At first, users, as they themselves admit, think that there was some kind of one-time failure in the application, and enter a password. However, when Face ID not working and in other scenarios, many decide to overwrite their face in the settings, and then the worst begins. The vast majority of those who decided to take this step, unexpectedly found out that in their case Face ID no longer works. The iPhone wrote to them that Face ID was not available, recommending that they record the face later.

Face ID not working

Most often, if you believe the reviews, Face ID stops working after update iOS. Which one, it’s hard to say. Because everyone speaks differently. Someone face recognition turned off as a result of installing iOS 16.1, someone had iOS 16, and someone even earlier had iOS 15.7.1 or even iOS 15.6. But since the problem manifests itself in all cases in the same way, it is obvious that we are talking about the same failure, for which there is still no guaranteed way to fix it.

Face ID not set up

Seems to be, Face ID crash manifests itself not only on different versions of iOS, but also on different iPhone models. Because in a thread on Reddit, the owners of all Apple smartphones with face recognition complain about the problem – from the iPhone X to the iPhone 14 Pro. Moreover, many turned to technical support, and remote diagnostics, which the company’s employees carried out by connecting to devices, did not reveal any problems. But in almost all cases, during a face-to-face check, service center specialists identified a problem and offered either replace Face ID moduleor the smartphone itself.

Replacing Face ID – is it possible

If you are facing this situation in Russia and your iPhone – from the official batchmost likely nothing to worry about. They will either replace the device with a new one, or simply repair it, which is also pretty good. As you know, Apple continues to supply components for repairs to Russia, but only for a specific device officially purchased here. But the owners of devices from a parallel imported batch will most likely have a harder time.

Unfortunately, Apple stopped signing iOS 16.0.3 and other previous builds. So the ability to roll back from iOS 16.1 – at least to make sure that on an earlier version of the OS Face ID works – You no longer have the opportunity. Therefore, all that remains for you is to either go to the store where you bought your device, or to an authorized service center. But there is no guarantee that you will be helped anywhere. Considering that devices are changed and repaired for free rather reluctantly even where Apple officially operates, I would not count on such generosity here.

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