Old iPhone or new Android. What to choose?


Not so long ago, my friend finally changed the iPhone SE to the iPhone XS: the first SE was already obsolete, the screen sizes were no longer enough not only to play videos on YouTube, but also for elementary chats on whatsapp, and it’s better not to say anything about a tiny battery by the standards of 2022. The friend did not even bother to think: no Android smartphones, only iPhones, although he is not a prisoner of the Apple ecosystem. The choice fell on not the most new iPhone model XS: The smartphone has been discontinued, but it seems to be much more practical and relevant than the new Android smartphone. Today I’ll tell you why buy an old iPhone instead of a new Android.

iPhone battery

Despite the fact that the battery in a smartphone is a consumable item, you always know what to expect from the iPhone. Even old Apple smartphones, which were released 3-4 years ago, are well optimized for current versions of iOS. It has always been like this: having not the most capacious battery, the iPhone gave out amazing autonomy due to the energy efficiency of the processor, and iOS seemed to be created for those who do not want to get a discharged phone by the evening.

Purchase Android smartphone in the same price category – a real lottery. You never know how long a smartphone will last during the day and after what time the battery will begin to degrade. Even though we scold iPhone battery, but it has passed the test of time and you trust it more than the battery in a Chinese smartphone.

iPhone XS appearance

Any Apple smartphone automatically becomes recognizable. This happened with all models: with the iPhone 3G, and with the iPhone 7, and with the iPhone X. Even when you see a smartphone in a case, you understand that it is in the hands of a person. Another thing is Android smartphones, which are innumerable. Recognizable, except Samsung smartphones, and the rest – on one face. The point here is not only in appearance, but also in accessories: the notorious monotony of the iPhone is in the hands of smartphone owners – a case or protective glass can always be found not only in online stores, but also in retail near the house.

How old is the iPhone

Remember that little story about the 1st generation iPhone SE? The smartphone was released in 2016, it still works well and even gets iOS updates. In principle, when it comes to the iPhone, you feel some confidence in the future: there will be no such thing that in the morning the smartphone starts to slow down, the update installs crookedly, photos from the Gallery disappear or applications suddenly start to crash. Predictability is the hallmark of the iPhone.

Even Android smartphone has a 100-megapixel camera and the latest Snapdragon – this is by no means a guarantee that everything will be fine tomorrow. Perhaps that is why used old iPhones continue to circulate in the market. Users prefer stability, performance over innovations and strange features that are often found in Android flagships.

How to choose an iPhone

Choose iPhone much easier than an android smartphone. It sounds funny, but now there is an iPhone for every taste, color and budget: on the net you can find videos about the experience of using, the pros and cons of a particular iPhone, and among your friends there will probably be those who have used almost all iPhones, starting with 3G: not it will be difficult to find out what a person thinks about a particular model and whether it is worth buying at all. Can you imagine the opportunity to ask someone about One Plus or Xiaomi?

I think it’s still fiction. In the best case, someone once used a Samsung Galaxy for a long time, or maybe it wasn’t Samsung at all, but some kind of Huawei? Who can tell them apart! It is the variety of Android smartphones that is their main problem. No one knows how smartphones on the same processor will work, so the purchase turns into a lottery in which you are unlikely to be lucky.

I would like to joke by saying that the iPhone only gets better over the years – like wine. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but one thing is for sure – the old iPhone is much better and more reliable than the new Android smartphone. In any case, the iPhone does not age as quickly as any other smartphone, the iPhone XS, released in 2018, is a vivid confirmation of this.

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