Myths about the iPhone that many still believe


Apple quite clearly explains to users how their devices work. On the site, you can find instructions for iPhone and iPad, iOS innovations, and even an explanation of the conventions in the Weather app. But myths about the iPhone are still circulating in communities: it would seem that what could be interesting in a smartphone if it has already been studied up and down? Probably everything is known about iOS. Some of them have logic, but they still remain contradictory. The strangest thing is that over time there are more of them. It seems it’s time to dispel the strangest iPhone myths.

Dark theme on iPhone

This is one of the most convenient features that appeared in iOS. Of course, at one time, not all developers managed to add such a design to their applications, but now there is no such problem anymore. It is considered that dark theme saves battery. Is it true? Partly. A dark theme helps your iPhone drain more slowly than a light theme.

This fact was proven by the PhoneBuff channel experts using two iPhone XS: a smartphone with a light design was discharged faster, and an iPhone with a dark theme had another 30%. True, this only works for smartphones with an OLED screen – there will be no significant difference in energy consumption in iPhones with IPS matrices. It should be noted that for the eyes dark theme in iPhone and really more useful – they get tired much less.

Energy saving on iPhone

Many readers of our Telegram chat are skeptical about the regime save battery in iPhone, believing that it not only does not help extend the life of the smartphone, but also rapidly reduces it. Sometimes it really seems that with the power saving on the iPhone turned on, interest flies even faster than without it, but this is an erroneous judgment. In iPhone Battery Saver Mode, the system restricts network activity, downloads updates, disables animations, lowers screen brightness, and reduces CPU clock speed.

Thanks to this, the iPhone becomes a little slower, but it lives much longer. This is a classic power-saving mode scheme, which is provided even in computers. So, the iPhone clearly cannot be discharged faster than usual. By the way, in our Yandex.Zen there is an article on how to save iPhone battery charge.

Can an Apple Watch work without a phone?

iOS newbies often think that the performance of Apple devices lies solely in the ecosystem. For example, for iPhone only fit AirPods headphones, as well as Apple Watch. For some reason, many people believe that watches cannot work without an iPhone. Of course, it’s not: sleep tracking, activity tracking, Apple Pay, music listening, and many other applications are just a few examples of how well they work. Apple Watch without iPhone. By the way, my colleague, journalist Artem Rakhmatullin collected some useful tips for newcomers to the world of Apple Watch – be sure to check out the article!

Is fast charging bad for iPhone?

When Apple dropped the charging adapters that came with the iPhone, we all felt uneasy. Then it let go, because the complete adapter was not the fastest – a small loss. Then it became uncomfortable again: to charge iPhone, you will have to buy a separate fast charging unit. What if it kills the battery? Nothing like this! I myself used to believe in this, and then it turned out that there was no harm.

Special algorithms analyze the process, as a result of which smartphone is charging step by step, gradually reducing power. This is done in order to avoid overheating and battery wear. Therefore, the original fast charge will not harm your smartphone. Of course, it’s better not to skimp on accessories, because cheap blocks can ruin the battery so that the iPhone quickly loses percent of maximum capacity.

Background Apps on iPhone

I habitually close apps in iPhone, which I do not use to put things in order. Some of my friends do not close them for months – it looks so-so. By the way, apart from the mess, there is nothing wrong with that. Players and calls can work in the background, and other programs stop without wasting energy. But closing them will consume a certain percentage of the battery charge. If u want save chargethen disable the background content update in less used applications. For example, cloud storage constantly checks what files you have in order to create a backup copy.

The iPhone has a lot of applications that we use by pure chance: they told what these functions are and how to turn them off

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