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This year, AirPods will celebrate their sixth anniversary – not an anniversary, but a solid date. Over the years, headphones have become popular despite their cost. Now the most affordable AirPods 2 cost around 12 thousand, although a year ago they could be easily purchased for 10 thousand rubles, and in 2018 many even managed to buy 1st generation AirPods for 9 thousand. Because of their popularity in society, there are always a lot of rumors, just like around the iPhone. It seems it’s time to figure out which claims about AirPods are dubious and which have a rational grain.

How bad are AirPods?

There are still rumors that AirPods can be harmful to health, namely, cause brain damage due to Bluetooth technology. At one time, a trend appeared on TikTok, why you should abandon AirPods: according to the authors, low-frequency radiation comes from headphones. Allegedly, all due to the fact that the headphones are in the ears, close to the brain, and even cause cancer. There is no need to panic: scientists and health officials said the allegations are baseless, and AirPods are not harmful to health.

If any radiation comes from AirPods, then we are talking about neonizing. It comes from many gadgets: routers, phones, microwave ovens. The transmission power of such a signal depends on the distance, and Bluetooth has a fairly small radius of radiation. Another thing is that AirPods can be a source of headaches that arise due to the abuse of headphones for a long time and at high volume.

Fake AirPods

We have already written that modern fake AirPods are indistinguishable from the original. In any case, outwardly, for sure. Unless you’re a music fan, you probably won’t even notice the difference in sound. It turns out that a fake can not be distinguished from the original at all? And here it is not.

According to research results, fake AirPods were too harmful to health. The sound level in such headphones is much higher than in real AirPods, and the sound quality leaves much to be desired: constant whistling, grinding and other distortions – for this reason it is better to overpay for a certified original than to buy a cheap fake.

Can I wash in AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro are water resistant unlike the first and second generation AirPods. True, it is definitely not worth washing or swimming in the pool in them. The fact is that the headphones have splash protection according to the IPX4 standard, but it does not apply to water sports. Don’t believe? Read the footnote on the Apple website – everything is clearly stated there. But with the AirPods case, everything is much worse: charging cases are also not protected from sweat and water, so they need to be dried properly (here’s Apple’s description for you – see number 3 at the very end) and in no case charge wet headphones.

Do I need to keep my AirPods in a case all the time?

Many believe that AirPods with lithium-ion batteries should not be constantly in the charging case, because it is harmful. The same AirPods do not have a power button and actually work all the time. Without a case, the headphones will remain on and begin to discharge, and the charge will drop, because AirPods do not “fall asleep”.

Therefore, there is no need to invent a bicycle and it is better to store AirPods in a case: in it, the contacts of the case and headphones are in contact, and after closing the lid, the device switches to offline mode, charging up to 100%, remaining in standby mode. A detailed description is on the Apple website. Therefore, the headphones in the case will last longer than AirPods without them, and certainly will not be lost.

AirPods not working on Android

Apple Ecosystem – it’s sacred. But this does not mean that devices interact only with each other. You can also listen to music on your Android smartphone and even double tap. True, you won’t be able to set its purpose without an iPhone: everything will be limited to turning on music or launching media. Also, Siri will not work (it is not on Android) and switching the track forward or backward in the playlist. This also applies to Windows laptops.

By the way, if you want cool omnivores headphones from Apple, then you better take a look at the Beats Studio Buds – they have a built-in MediaTek chip that allows you to use them with any smartphone. We even have an article on user experience – be sure to read it!

And what myths about AirPods did you hear? Share in the comments, let’s discuss!

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