M.Video opened pre-order iPhone 14 for 50 thousand rubles, but there is a catch


That’s how miracles are! Although iPhone 14 presentation and other Apple products will take place only on September 7, starting this week in Russia it is already possible to pre-order a smartphone. And we are not talking about some enterprising sellers with Avito, but about large retail chains of electronics M.Video and Eldorado. Besides, new iPhone preorder will cost only 50 thousand rubles and not a penny more. This is truly a marvelous miracle. But, as often happens, there was a catch, which will make itself felt to everyone who decides buy iPhone 14 among the first.

iPhone 14 in Russia

It is probably worth recalling once again what the fuss is about start of sales of iPhone 14 in Russia. In March 2022, Apple announced the cessation of deliveries of its devices to the territory of our country. That is, now we, Russian fans of Californian gadgets, are in a situation where we do not have the opportunity buy iPhonefor our market.

If last year it was possible to issue iPhone 13 pre-order in almost any major electronics store from DNS to re:Store and get your hands on new Apple smartphone in 5-7 days, now the official supply channels are blocked, and there are two ways left:

  • gray import;
  • parallel import.

In both cases, we are talking about import to Russia Apple devicesfor other markets. As a rule, small stores use the first scheme, and large retail chains, such as M.Video and Eldorado mentioned at the very beginning, who announced iPhone 14 pre-order.

The lack of direct supplies has activated scammers and just people who want to make money on resale of Apple technology true fans of the brainchild of Steve Jobs, whose situation has definitely not improved in recent months. Therefore, at the end of last week at the largest Avito classifieds website proposals began to be published pre-order iPhone 14 Pro and others new Apple products. About, how iPhones get to Russia, and how the transfer of goods is carried out, the sellers did not specify. They just put up a beautiful price tag and asked for an advance payment of 10 thousand rubles.

Fortunately, now these ads have already been removed by the platform itself due to fears of fraudulent activities. Well, an ordinary Apple fan can pre-order absolutely legally and with almost a 100% guarantee of receiving goods in M.Video or Eldorado. True, there is one caveat …

iPhone 14 pre-order

So, last night, a page appeared on the M.Video website with a loud headline “Order a new iPhone first!”. According to information published on mvideo.ru, users are invited to issue pre-order new iPhone. Which one exactly? M.Video does not say a word about this, only making a footnote that the image of the product may differ from its actual appearance.

The store also announces bonuses for users who pre-order. Apart from guarantees from M.Video for a period of 1 year, the buyer is provided with an extended period for the exchange of goods within 30 days from the date of receipt and a cashback of up to 8%. A pre-order certificate will cost only 50 thousand rubles, which by today’s standards looks like a fantastic offer.

To pre-order a new iPhoneneed:

  1. Pay the cost of the certificate in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.
  2. Wait for information about the start of smartphone sales in M.Video.
  3. Come to the M.Video store with a certificate and pay the balance Apple iPhone cost.

And the third stage raises the most questions, the main of which is:How much will the iPhone 14 cost? M.Video does not mention this, but the regulars in the queue at the re:Store on Tverskaya are offered to simply unilaterally make an advance payment and wait, wait, wait.

How much does the iPhone 14 cost

From the side of this kind of pre-order looks extremely comical. You need to deposit a decent amount of money, not knowing when you will receive the goods. Yes and new iPhone model, as mentioned earlier, was not named in the store’s press release. And most importantly – remains unknown iPhone 14 price in Russia. But we can speculate what it might be, based on the prices of past years. And first, let’s look at the estimated prices in the US, where iPhones cost the least:

  • iPhone 14 – $799 (~ 48,000 rubles);
  • iPhone 14 Max – $899 (~ 54,000 rubles);
  • iPhone 14 Pro – $ 1099 (~ 66,000 rubles);
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max – $ 1199 (~ 72,000 rubles).

Wait the same iPhone 14 prices in Russiaand even more so in large electronics retail chains that supply products Apple Parallel Import, not worth it. We already have experience with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro on M2, whose price after the arrival of laptops in Russia has doubled compared to the US market. Therefore, it can be assumed that iPhone 14 price in M.Video will amount to 90-100 thousand rubles for the basic version, and prepayment at best will cover half the cost. Well, sellers with Avito can only envy.

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