Jony Ive is said to have designed the iMac M1. Is it so?


For many years, the name of the former Apple chief designer was heard by many, and in the media it was almost more common than the name of the head of the company, Tim Cook. Exactly Jony Ive responsible for the look and feel of Apple’s most popular devices, including the first iPad, the iPhone 4 and even the iPhone 11. In addition, Ive was directly involved in the development of the iMac (iMac G3), which was released in 1998. And despite the fact that he left Apple back in 2019, it seems that he still continued to participate in the creation of new devices of the corporation. For example, iMac M1.

Jony Ive

Jony Ive never stops working on new Apple products

According to Wired, citing a source at Apple, Jonathan Ive worked with the corporation’s design team to create the first update to the iMac case in almost a decade. Details about the participation of Quince in the development are not reported, but Apple indirectly confirmed this information. A company representative limited himself to commenting that Ive was “working on it.”

Is Jony Ive still at Apple?

It takes years to develop a product, especially at Apple, and especially in the case of a device that has been as radically redesigned as the M1 iMac. So it’s no surprise that Ive was potentially involved in iMac development in 2018 and 2019, even before he left. Although previously it was repeatedly reported that he stopped working on new Apple devices even before his official departure.

However, it’s interesting to know if Ive was only involved in the early stages of the iMac redesign, or if he continued to work on it after leaving Apple. Recall that Ive left Apple to create his own independent design studio LoveFrom, and Apple became her client. However, the details of the interaction between the two companies were not reported.

iMac G3

Jony Ive also worked on this iMac

Why Jony Ive left Apple

It’s easy to see how Jony Ive has potentially influenced the design of the new iMac, from the ultra-thin body to the iconic chin that remains. Ive searched endlessly for ways to make the world’s thinnest computers, so no one at Apple was surprised by his decision to fly to Japan just to meet one of the best blacksmiths in the Land of the Rising Sun. With a clean-shaven head, in a T-shirt and jeans of his own brand, Sir Jonathan Ive watched as the master worked day and night, tirelessly.

iMac 2021

Ultra-thin design – Quince feature

The appearance of the computer at the same time proved to be controversial due to the white side frames. Also, Apple released the computer in 7 different colors, and the first iMac that Ive worked on also came in several colors.

Even if Ive was involved in some way with the design of the new iMac, it’s likely that the bulk of the ideas came from Apple’s current industrial design team, led by Evans Hankey and Alan Dye. That is, the former chief designer of the corporation performed more of an advisory role.

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