It won’t get any cheaper! In Russia began a big sale of Apple technology

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High Apple technology prices, at least in Russia, are compensated by the optionality to pay them in full. Sounds a little strange, but it’s true. Practice shows that quite often sellers – often at the suggestion of Apple itself – arrange big sales, where the company’s products can be bought at a significant discount. Similar promotions take place on a variety of trading platforms, but the most profitable offers can only be found on Tmall, the Russian Aliexpress.

Last week, we already told you about serious discounts on the iPhone 12 and 13. It’s not clear how, but Tmall itself, as well as the Megafon and Svyaznoy retail chains, lowered Apple smartphone prices even lower than gray retailers. But these are absolutely white devices that have been certified by Rostest and imported into the country through official supply channels with the obligatory payment of taxes and duties.

Where to buy a MacBook, iPad and AirPods

But the matter was not limited to iPhones alone. Retail chains represented on Tmall decided to expand the scope of the campaign and offered Russian users discounts on additional products:

Promotional codes for a discount on Aliexpress, which are indicated next to the product and price, it is best not to rewrite manually, but to copy. The fact is that Tmall is case and space sensitive, due to which any error in the size of the characters that form the promo code can lead to a refusal. In addition, in some cases, in order to achieve the lowest price, it is recommended not to choose courier delivery (since it can be quite expensive), but to receive an order at a pick-up point or post office.

Most of the goods from this list are offered by the Svyaznoy trading network, however, there are offers from Citylink and Tmall, which acts not only as a platform, but also as a seller. So you don’t have to worry about the certification and legality of the goods – they are all as white as if you came to a physical store and purchased gadgets there. Accordingly, all warranty obligations applicable to these products will be fulfilled in full.

Apple appliances with discounts

You may have noticed that the prices indicated on the product page differ greatly from the final ones, and even the promotional code does not allow you to bring them down to the declared level. The fact is that in order to get the maximum discount, you must also apply a coupon. It can be taken from the page of the product you are buying. The coupon is below the price and highlighted in orange. Therefore, click “Get Coupon”, add the product to the cart and apply it along with the promo code at the checkout stage.

Frankly speaking, Apple product prices, listed above, can really be called unprecedentedly low. If we compare them with the official price list in the Russian Apple Online Store, it will become clear that on Tmall they differ downward by 15-20 percent, and sometimes even more. Especially it concerns AirPods Prowhich Apple itself sells for 23 thousand rubles, and on Tmall they ask for less than 16.

I don’t want to escalate the situation, but I get the impression that we may be seeing such low prices for Apple products for the last time. Therefore, if you were already going to buy yourself something with an apple logo – no matter what it will be – it seems that there is simply no better moment. So I recommend not to delay and place an order on Tmallwhile many items are still in stock, because the promotion may end at any time.

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