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Which phones are suitable for Apple magnetic charging

The main problem in the distribution of a new type of charging is its compatibility with only one line of smartphones. Except as with iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max the new charger is not compatible with any other device. More precisely, it will charge, but not as fast as it should, which means that it simply loses its meaning.

In the history of Apple, there were products that she started making, and finished a year later. But there is no doubt that the MagSafe idea will live on. Personally, I started using this charger again and I have at least a few reasons for this. At least, I began to understand where it is really convenient to use it.

Why you need MagSafe

Magnetic charger for phone in the car

First of all, only MagSafe allows you to use it normally magnetic smartphone holder. In the car, sometimes you need to hang your smartphone on the front panel to use maps or something else. At the same time, only MagSafe will allow you to simply attach the phone and forget about connecting the wire. Ordinary magnetic holders will interfere with wireless charging. With MagSafe, your iPhone will both hold up and charge. Connecting the wire once at the beginning of the trip, and turning it off at the end is not a problem, but sometimes you need to go to several unfamiliar places and you have to constantly do it back and forth.

Yes, there are chargers with a holder on AliExpress, but they will not work as fast and look terrible. I have regular navigation in my car, but Yandex.Maps is better than TomTom, Google Maps, and even more so Apple Maps. I also have a regular built-in tray with wireless charging, but the easiest way to combine using the phone and filling it with energy is through MagSafe. No one has come up with a viable alternative yet.

Can I use my phone while charging

Another reason for the convenience of MagSafe is the ability to use the phone while charging. The wire always gets in the way, but I turn the MagSafe washer so that the wire sticks out either up (for vertical use) or sideways (for horizontal use). As a result, the phone is charging, but nothing interferes. Passing the wire between your fingers in a horizontal orientation is more difficult and less pleasant.

Why MagSafe Duo is good

Separately, I want to note the new accessory MagSafe Duo, which went on sale a little later than the usual MagSafe. This is a platform that opens up like a mirror and allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can even put AirPods on it, but only instead of the iPhone. At a price of 13 990 rubles Duo seems like something sky-high, but it’s really not all that bad. To be honest, I would not have bought it myself, but after it was given to me, I started using it and found many advantages, especially on the road.

If you just count, then the usual MagSafe charge costs 3,990 rubles, and stationary charging for the Apple Watch is 6,600 rubles. In total we get 10 600 rubles, which is comparable to the cost of MagSafe Duo, but everything is done in a single compact case that you can take with you, and such charging will take up many times less space, and you will only need one wire, not two. Especially convenient if you are traveling somewhere with your family. So it will be possible to charge several phones at once, however, in turn. And yes, tearing the phone away from the MagSafe Duo is somehow easier than about the regular MagSafe. Just picking up the phone, you just rest with your finger and the platform will not rise into the air along with the phone.

I will not recommend such an accessory for purchase, as it really very expensive. I’m just talking about my experience – I was satisfied. Now such a thing is on my bedside table, and when I go somewhere, this is the first thing I take with me.

Does magnetic wireless charging through a case

At the end, I will add more about the possibility of using MagSafe with cases. I don’t usually use iPhone cases except for sports. But in the summer, when you wear rather loose shorts most of the time, a cover is often a must. The fact that it’s awkward to stuff into a narrow jeans pocket helps a lot when the phone can just fall out on its own. I have a silicone case and it is precisely due to its “stickiness” that it is almost impossible to accidentally drop it out of my pocket.

Any case slows down wireless charging speed. It’s pretty strong though. The original iPhone cases have a special insert that allows you not to lose speed. And also, if you buy only original cases, you may run into a problem – for the iPhone 12 series, they are only available with a ring. Because of it, work with some conventional wireless chargers can be difficult.

I’ve had a Sony vertical wireless charger on my desk for a few years now. It is convenient to use, but, apparently, its coil is slightly different from the coil in the phone. Without a case, this does not affect anything, but if you put the original case on the iPhone 12, charging gives an error.

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Should you buy MagSafe

It is interesting to hear your opinion about MagSafe. If you use an iPhone 12, then tell us do you use MagSafe and how you treat it. It is clear that the rest of the attitude will be generally negative, since “Apple is insolent to sell such expensive chargers.” But once you start using it, a lot can change in your thinking.

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