Is there a warranty on the iPhone 14 in Russia and where to repair it in case of a breakdown


Despite the fact that Apple has not announced its decision to return to Russia, on the first day iPhone 14 sales in Europe and the USA, new items arrived in Russia. Yes, not entirely legal, because at the time of their appearance in retail, the devices had not yet been certified. But for us, as consumers, it doesn’t change much. Much more important is the issue of warranty and non-warranty service, which in the case of the iPhone 14 of all modifications became more acute than with the iPhone 13. After all, Apple did not import new products to our country, which means it has every right not to repair them.

If you remember, when Apple stopped deliveries to Russia, all devices that were sold here until March 2022 could still be repair at an authorized service center companies. First, because they have been certified here. And, secondly, because Apple was simply required by law to provide after-sales service to customers.

iPhone 14 sales in Russia

At first it was stated that foreign vehicles would not be repaired here. But, as practice has shown, even devices imported bypassing official deliveries were perfectly repaired here and even exchanged for new ones in case of marriage. However, since iPhone 14 the situation is radically different. This week, RATEK issued a statement that the sellers who brought new iPhones to Russiasimply do not have the right to sell them without permission from the FSB.

However, today M.Video explained that all permissions have been received, and iPhone 14 will go on sale in Russia already in a week. But the question of who will serve them apart from specialized service centers remains open. We contacted the representatives of the trading network. Despite the fact that they answered our request, there were no fewer questions left.

iPhone repair prices in Russia

iPhone 14 in M.Video

iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, and all other devices that Apple presented at the presentation on September 7, including Apple Watch and AirPods, will not be serviced by authorized service centers. The company simply did not represent these products on the Russian market, therefore, repair components will not be officially supplied here either.

However, the press service of M.Video assures that new iPhones will still be repaired at authorized service centers:

From consumers who buy equipment imported to Russia by parallel import – and this is exactly what it is – there is a right to warranty service for a year and paid repairs in the event of a breakdown within 5 years. Since there is no Apple representative office in the Russian Federation that would deal with such issues, you will need to contact the stores where you bought the smartphone. If there are problems with this, third-party service centers will be able to help you. Our friends at Apple Pro have already confirmed that they will repair all iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 14 Warranty

Even if you bought iPhone 14 in the store on Gorbushka, this does not cancel your right to after-sales service. You can contact the seller and request a replacement under warranty if there is a manufacturing defect, or for repair if you yourself are to blame for the breakdown. It is possible that you will be denied. But then you, under the Consumer Protection Act, have the right to go to court.

However, at least one question remains unanswered. It is not very clear whether large retail chains (let alone all the others) will be able to provide high-quality broken iphone repair. After all, as you know, Apple does not just distribute equipment for full-cycle repair and calibration of replaced components. For example, a display or a battery. And without calibration, they will not be able to work as they should. Here specialized service centers come to the fore. They have been working with equipment for a long time, buying it and competing with Apple itself not only in terms of price, but also in terms of the quality of repairs.

New iPhone Repair

Does this mean that retail chains will not repair, but simply replace damaged devices with new ones? Not at all. Firstly, because it would be too expensive in the current conditions. And, secondly, because no one imposes such a duty on them. So, theoretically, they can repair your iPhone independently, even if for this you have to deviate from the norms. After all, the law does not require the method of repairing Apple equipment.

On the M.Video website, for example, it is said that the distribution network has experience in providing repair services to owners of Apple equipment. In this case, the retailer is talking about cases where there are no authorized service centers in a particular region. However, it is not very clear what kind of services we are talking about. Whether M.Video repair device on its own without the involvement of specialists, or redirects it somewhere else, where there is the necessary equipment and components.

Where to fix iPhone

If you wish, you can always contact our friends from the Apple Pro service center for repair of your iPhone. Specialists replace most components, including those that Apple itself refuses to change, in order to raise the cost of repairs higher. At Apple Pro, they value their customers, so they can restore iPhoneeven if he got into a serious mess, went into the water and does not show signs of life at all.

You’ve probably heard how Apple refuses to macbook cable replacement or refuses to take over flooded iPhone. The guys from Apple Pro take on repairs of any complexity (of course, within reason) and will always offer the best option for restoring your device, offering services at the best prices without trying to deceive you or swindle you into expensive procedures, as is often done in the ASC.

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