Is the iPhone 14 Pro really the smartphone with the best camera?


Home smartphone characteristicswhat forces the buyer to choose this or that model is the camera. Not everyone needs a powerful processor or screen with refresh rate 120 Hz, but the opportunity to take a good photo on your mobile device is of interest to everyone. In this regard, Apple is a trendsetter, improving its smartphone cameras every year. Judging by the specifications, the iPhone 14 Pro should take better photos than any other model on the market. But is it really so?

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

For many years, Apple used 12-megapixel matrices in the cameras of its smartphones, considering them to be the golden mean. However, in 2022, something went wrong. Leaks confirmed, and the iPhone 14 Pro received 48 MP camera. This does not mean that the matrix has increased by 4 times compared to the iPhone 13 Pro sensor. Just Apple companyhaving seen enough of the Android comrades, I decided to turn to help Technology Pixel Binning, which combines several pixels into one to improve image quality. That is, the size of the matrix itself remains the same, but the picture is fixed by a large number of pixels.

This change iPhone 14 Pro cameras lies on the surface and, in general, does not say anything. So let’s take a look at more detailed specifications:

  • Main camera: 48 MP (1/1.28″, f/1.8) with OIS.
  • Ultra wide-angle camera: 12 MP (1/2.55″, f/2.2).
  • Telephoto lens: 12 MP (1/3.5″, f/2.8) with 3x zoom.
  • Front camera: 12 MP (1/3.6″, f/1.9).

If you spend comparing iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, it turns out that the main camera of the new smartphone has indeed become larger (1/1.28 inches instead of 1/1.66). However, the novelty’s aperture is not as wide as last year’s flagship (f/1.8 instead of f/1.5).

The same goes for the ultra-wide-angle camera, whose sensor has become larger and darker. But the front camera, having retained its physical dimensions, received faster optics (f / 1.9 instead of f / 2.2). Let me remind you that the quality of shooting in low light directly depends on the size of the sensor and the width of its aperture.

Worthy of special mention iPhone 14 Pro processor Apple A16 Bionic, which received at its disposal a 5-core graphics chip with a 50% increase in memory bandwidth. All this is good only on paper, but how do the characteristics of the new iPhone affect the quality of the pictures in comparison with the competition?

iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro – which is better

During the day, the iPhone 14 Pro shoots in the same way as the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, if the conditions become a little more difficult (shooting against the sun or in the dark), the novelty shows all its advantages.

iPhone 14 Pro reproduces colors much more accurately and does not overdo it with contrast, in difference from iPhone 13 Pro Max. Therefore, indoor photos taken with a new smartphone also turn out to be more attractive.

Perhaps the main intrigue is night shot iPhone 14 Pro. On the one hand, the novelty received a large matrix, on the other hand, a “dark” aperture. This does not provide a significant increase over the previous generation, and both smartphones have a limited dynamic range in low light.

But increasing the physical size of the sensor has really paid off. If contrast can be associated with image processing algorithms, then detailing is the domain of the camera matrix. And here the iPhone 14 Pro is ahead of its predecessor.

Shot on iPhone

Despite the obvious superiority iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max, the novelty is not the best camera phone. In the DxOMark test, the Apple flagship lost to the Chinese smartphone Honor Magic4 Ultimate. Why is he worse? Firstly, the “Chinese” shows a wider dynamic range in difficult lighting conditions.

Secondly, the iPhone still cannot compete with Android flagships in terms of zoom. The iPhone 14 Pro produces a total 15x zoom, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is 100x. So for shooting at a distance, the Apple smartphone is still not suitable.

Pros of the iPhone 14 Pro:

  • accurate color reproduction for both photos and videos;
  • wide dynamic range in most shooting scenarios;
  • good detail and autofocus;
  • almost perfect bokeh effect;
  • stabilization work.

Cons of the iPhone 14 Pro:

  • in difficult conditions, the white balance is disturbed;
  • weak increase;
  • not the best shooting result in low light.

According to the results testing iPhone 14 Pro took 2nd place in the DxOMark ranking, overtaking Huawei P50 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, but losing to Honor Magic4 Ultimate. Compared to the previous generation, color reproduction and detail have been significantly improved, but in some aspects, the iPhone continues to be inferior to competitors on Android.

Best front camera

What the iPhone 14 Pro has no equal in is shooting on the front camera. Based on the opinion of DxOMark experts, the new smartphone best selfie camera on the market. Widening the aperture has been beneficial, and in most scenarios, the iPhone 14 Pro takes flawless selfies, creating an accurate exposure of both the subject and the background in the photo.

Focus and bokeh – 2 additional benefits iPhone 14 Pro front camera. At the same time, on selfies taken using the new smartphone, noise can be seen, which is associated with the relatively small size of the sensor. But such flaws fade in the sky Pros of the iPhone 14 Proand Apple once again confirmed the title of one of the best manufacturers of camera phones.

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