Is it true that Apple will raise the price of new iPhones in 2022


For as long as I can remember, iPhones have always been considered extremely expensive smartphones. Even the models of the first generations, which were sold for 400-500 dollars, that is, at least half as much as now, still left the impression of very expensive devices. What can we say about current devices, the price of which can reach $ 1,500, or 150 thousand rubles for our money. Of course, the price is justified, given how many new things have appeared in smartphones. But, apparently, soon we will have another iPhone price increase.

According to rumors, Apple plans to raise new iPhone priceswhich will be released this fall. The increase will be $ 100 and may affect all four models of the updated line, EconoTimes reports. Increase smartphone prices The company will be the first since 2017, except for interim changes caused by an increase in the maximum amount of internal memory, as is the case with the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

iPhone prices in 2022

Frankly speaking, there really is a reason to increase the price, albeit an indirect one. This is not only and not so much a technical upgrade, which is planned for new products, but lack of components. After all, if you remember, last year the TSMC plant, which manufactures processors for Apple devices, increased prices for new-generation chips by 20% at once. Cupertino took over the increase without passing it on to users. But this year it may not happen.

Another thing is that increasing the price of all models at once by at least $100 does not seem like a rational step for several reasons:

  • First, even if Apple needs to compensate for growth cost of iPhone, obviously not on such a scale. Cupertino understands that increasing the price of smartphones by $100 will mean an outflow of some users. Therefore, it is more logical to lay the increased costs somewhere else. Fortunately, Apple has a lot of options.
  • Secondly, Apple does not cheap iPhone, which could compensate for the outflow of the audience due to the increase in prices for flagship models. Yes, the company is going to release the iPhone SE 2022, but the iPhone 8 case will literally kill its sales, even despite the hardware from the iPhone 13.
  • Thirdly, if everything was so bad, Apple would clearly not go for an increase built-in memory in iPhone 13 and 13 mini last year while maintaining the same price. After all, this is an additional expense item. This means that if the company’s expenses increased in one place, it was able to offset them in another.

iPhone 14 Max – price and specifications

However, at least one new Apple smartphone at an increased price in the lineup will still appear. Obviously, we are talking about the iPhone 14 Max, which will be a hardware copy of the iPhone 14, but in size it will rather remind iPhone 14 Pro Max thanks to the large 6.7-inch display. The novelty will replace the iPhone mini, which was almost not popular. And since Apple will have to spend a lot of money on its equipment, accordingly, its price will be higher than that of the regular iPhone 14.

Insofar as iPhone 14 Max should be more expensive than the iPhone 14 at least due to the larger display, most likely its price will be $899. But do not forget that the iPhone mini will disappear from the line this year, which means that the $ 699 iPhone will no longer exist. In this way the price of the simplest iPhone, which will be a regular iPhone 14, increases by $ 100, although the smartphone itself does not rise in price by a cent. The second after the base one – and now it’s the iPhone 14 Max – rises in price by another $ 100. It turns out that, purely technically, the price increase will affect at least 2 models.

What to do with it? Yes, in general, nothing. For those who have not bought an iPhone mini, there will be no change. You, as before, can buy iPhone with a 6.1-inch screen, but only now you will have the opportunity to upgrade for just $100 to a larger version. As for me, this is a very good option. Indeed, today more and more people are leaning towards devices with a large screen, which means that there is almost no point in compact smartphones.

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