Is it true that Apple technology has become worse

AirPods 3

A close friend of mine often reads our site and wonders why my colleagues and I criticize Apple so often. I had to explain to her that we look at gadgets from all sides, looking for both positive and not so good points. Sometimes we express our own opinion about a device, based on our own impressions and experience of use. Yes, the same iPhones are not perfect: many readers of our Telegram chat believe that Apple technology has become much worse than before. I think there is no reason not to listen to such a statement: today we will figure it out, is it true? Let’s not delve into conspiracy theories that the grass used to be greener and people kinder – just let’s see how this manifests itself.

Screen iPhone 13 Pro Max

Even Steve Wozniak criticized the iPhone 13. It is believed that there is nothing revolutionary in the smartphone – it seems that this is the first iPhone that was not discussed by everyone, as is usually the case after the presentation. However, the numbers say otherwise: the demand for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max was so high that sales in Russia broke records. Will fellow citizens buy illiquid assets? I doubt. In any case, the camera in the iPhone 13 Pro is really cool.

In addition, the new iPhone 13 Pro Max has the same display as last year’s Pro Max, only the standard maximum brightness has increased to 1000 nits. Thus, experts from Display Mate Technologies have chosen the highest quality display that you can look at for a long time and not get tired – the iPhone 13 Pro Max display. It is worth noting that in previous years, iPhone screens were the best, this year is no exception.

iPhone 13 Pro Max battery

And again about the current iPhone model. You can scold her as much as you like, but in fact she is not so bad. Not so long ago, the battery of the flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max was compared with its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has a higher battery capacity. 4352 mAh versus 5000 mAh – it seems that everything is clear in this dispute. But it was not there: the iPhone 13 Pro Max again turned out to be long-playing. At 2.5 hours, the novelty from Apple worked longer – the A15 Bionic chip again showed what it is capable of. It seems that the iPhone is not so bad?

Bangs in macbook

Have you seen bangs on a MacBook? It looks wild – to put it mildly. Not only is this unusual, it also breaks the software – Apple, of course, has proposed a solution to this problem. Frankly, even very good, but the sediment from this remained: you buy an expensive laptop with thin frames, and in return you either sacrifice the usable display area, or live with this misunderstanding.

Perhaps in the future, developers will be able to adapt applications for this feature (not a bug?). But at the moment, this problem is exactly the reason why many say that it used to be better.

Hissing AirPods

Many managed to be disappointed, praise the new AirPods and be disappointed again. In short, the headphones are out, but they are suitable, apparently, only for those who have not yet had them. We even found 5 reasons why AirPods 2 is better than AirPods 3 – you can read about this in our channel in Yandex.Zen.

But users, including our readers who have bought a novelty, are already massively complaining about hiss in AirPods 3. Buyers from China and Vietnam are faced with poor-quality assembly new AirPods: They scratched their ears, had glue residue, and were horribly assembled. Sadly, out of the box AirPods really used to be better.

What Apple Watch Can Do

My colleague journalist Artem Rakhmatullin probably wrote about everything Apple Watch can help you with: despite the fact that, as is commonly believed, new Apple Watch Series 7 – about nothing, because they are better than all previous versions. Battery problems have not gone away, but Apple smart watches can look after you or your relatives – you will be sure that the person is in perfect order thanks to all these functions. They did not become breakthrough, but they did not lose their characteristics either. Logically, it certainly wasn’t better before.

It turns out that the truth is somewhere in between: some Apple gadgets

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