Is it true that all iPhones will rise in price by $100


Today, June 5, many media came out with the headline “Apple announces $100 price increase for all iPhones“. The texts they released indicated that Cupertino had officially decided to make its smartphones and other devices more expensive to justify the current losses associated with disruptions in the supply of components, disruption of supply chains and difficult geopolitical conditions. In the light of recent events, such news almost did not cause any surprise among users, especially since iphone price increase predicted in early spring. But something is still wrong here.

The first thing that surprised me personally was the sources of such publications. For some unknown reason, instead of referring to the official website of Apple, which allegedly announced increase in prices on their products, they cited some telegram channels as a source. Many did not even bother with the placement of active hyperlinks – apparently, because their authors were smart enough not to refer to anonymous sources. However, this is not the most important thing.

How will iPhone prices change?

A thorough analysis of the information field showed that over the past three days, not a single authoritative publication has written about Apple’s plans to increase prices for all iPhones. On the website of the company itself, as you understand, there was no mention of this either. In general, it would be strange to expect this. Because there is really not much point in declaring something like this openly, especially now, given that it could have been done at least tomorrow.

Of course, we are aware that iPhone prices going up this year. But there are several aspects that must be taken into account:

  • Apple unprofitable raise prices on all iPhones straightaway. This will certainly turn off many buyers. Therefore, only two flagship models are highly likely to rise in price: the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. According to our information, the increase should indeed be $100 for each of these models, but only for them.
  • Other models will not rise in price. Even the iPhone 14. In order to keep its price the same and not sacrifice sales, Apple decided to simplify its specifications. Therefore, the basic version of the flagship smartphone will receive last year’s A15 Bionic processorthe old design with bangs, and the only key upgrade should be an increase in RAM.
  • A $100 price increase looks absolutely irrational for all models at once, also because Apple now has a lot of inexpensive iPhones. These are the iPhone SE 2022, and the iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12. Raising their prices by $100 is absolutely irrational, because for some of them it would be a 30% increase.

What will happen to the prices of Apple equipment

So don’t be afraid. Most of the iPhones that are in the assortment of Apple and will appear in the future will not rise in price. Some will cost the same as today, and some may even be cheaper. I believe that the company will remove the iPhone 13 from the lineup so that it does not interrupt the sales of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 12, perhaps, has nothing more to do in retail either. But the iPhone 11, which is popular, can start selling even cheaper by making it full-screen alternative to the new iPhone SE.

As for all other devices, the question of their pricing is still open. The fact is that Apple may raise prices for certain categories of devices. However, it is not certain that this will be done out of the blue. As we can see, the company’s gadgets become much cooler over time, and it becomes simply unprofitable to sell them for the old price. Therefore, it is possible that the same MacBook Air on M2 chip It could go up by 10% or even 20%.

Whether this is adequate, the time and characteristics of the laptop will show. Theoretically, the market could tolerate a 10% rise in price without any problems, and I am inclined to believe that it will not be higher. The point is that then MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will become virtually equal, and then the “air” laptop will simply stop buying. So, Apple needs to leave some kind of gap between them in order to justify the existence of both models in its range.

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