Is it possible to use an iPhone with a broken camera and why they break so often


When you hear the phrase “iPhone crashed”, what do you imagine? Probably something like a split screen, or at least a glass back wall. Indeed, it is very annoying. On the other hand, I dropped my iPhone on the asphalt and the side edges were damaged, which now have a few “burrs”. It is unpleasant when fingers get on them, but you can use it. Much worse when the camera breaks. But if a cover could save me from damage to the edges, then it is far from a fact that it will protect from a broken camera. Why is this happening and what to do about it? Let’s figure it out.

How the iPhone camera breaks

Let’s start with the fact that the iPhone camera is usually breaks very nice (sorry we don’t see it). The outer glass is tempered and on impact it simply shatters into small pieces. Therefore, it cannot break a little, but at the slightest blow it is knocked out completely. Below I will talk about how to replace it, but for now it’s worth understanding why this happens.

The last two generations of the iPhone have fairly large modules that have caused a lot of criticism. The phones themselves have become quite heavy, especially models with the Pro prefix, including Max versions. The glass in the enlarged module is made differently than before, and this makes it break much more often. Our friends at Apple Pro said that since the release of the iPhone 12, the number of calls for repair with a broken camera has increased significantly.

What is tempered glass

First, let’s remember what tempered glass is. If without clever formulations, then this is a glass that has an increased voltage inside. It turns out to be very durable, but if you bend it or make some other impact, then it simply crumbles. So, for example, the side windows of cars are made. They are very strong, but in case of impact they crumble into small fragments. This is done to avoid injury, but you get the point. Approximately the same thing happens with the glasses of the phone’s cameras. The screen, by the way, also splits from deformation when a smartphone or tablet falls. Therefore, the iPad suffers more from falls, the repair of which we talked about in this article.

iPhone Camera Disadvantages

Previously, the iPhone camera glass was made flush with the metal frame of the camera module, and even the body. In the iPhone 12, the glass protruded from the camera. In the 13th generation, this problem was partially solved, but not so much that the camera stopped breaking. Now she suffers also because of the large size of the glass itself. It is logical that the larger the glass, the more fragile it is.

But if the glass of the camera is broken, then you should not worry about it. Such damage is not a sentence and is repaired quite easily. Masters in good service centers have long learned to change the glass separately from the module itself. So, for example, in Apple Pro you can do it quickly and inexpensively. And also, when we planned to write this article and turned to the guys for advice, they offered a promotional code for a discount for our readers. So by promo code STEKLO you will get a discount on camera glass replacement in the amount of 1000 rubles. It applies to all models from iPhone 11 and up.

Can you use a phone with a broken camera?

You can use a phone with a broken camera, but at the same time you can’t. It sounds absurd, but that’s exactly how it is. That is, the camera itself will work and take pictures. The outer glass is also part of the optical design and makes its own changes, which are taken into account by the sensor. Without it, the picture may be different. In addition, the sun may appear flare. But in the shade or indoors, as a rule, the camera shoots about the same as it was before.

But do not forget that the outer glass protects not only the camera, but the entire smartphone. For example, water protection is already a rather conditional option, but if there is no camera glass, even high humidity, and not just water, can kill the phone. And dust and lint will also get into the camera module. This can not only contaminate the lenses, which can no longer be wiped, but also disrupt the operation of the camera module itself (problems with autofocus, stabilization, and others).

What happens if you don’t fix your iPhone camera?

If the repair is delayed, the module may suffer so much that it will no longer be possible to restore it and you will have to change the entire camera assembly, and this is completely different money and time.

If you apply for repairs in time, the craftsmen will carefully clean the glass fragments and dirt that has already managed to get inside the module. After that, they will check the functionality of the module and, if everything is fine, they will replace the glass with a new one. So you get a phone that will delight you further. Moreover, as practice shows, it is usually glass that breaks and, if everything is done on time, the camera mechanism does not suffer.

You can carry out any iPhone repair at the Apple Pro service center, whose services we have been using ourselves for many years. Repairs, upgrades, customizations, and more can all be done in Apple Pro, and you don’t even have to come to the service to find out how much a repair costs. You can see the prices on the website, call or call a courier to deliver the equipment to the service center and back.

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