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Smart devices have become such an important part of our lives that we take our smartphone everywhere and use it at every opportunity. If the iPhone and iPad are multifunctional gadgets that can be adapted to different tasks, then what about AirPods? These are good headphones for listening to music or talking on the phone, but many people actively use them in order to fall asleep. Users are disturbed by noise from the street, relatives who do not know how to control the volume of their voices, and also headphones from Apple help you take your mind off your mind. Do you also? We tell you whether it is possible to sleep in AirPods and how to do it correctly.

How to sleep in AirPods

About a year ago, many of us learned the news to a man from the United States who went to bed sleep in AirPods, and in the morning I found that one earpiece was missing. It turned out that in a dream he swallowed an earpiece. Many immediately sounded the alarm that sleeping in TWS headphones is dangerous: indeed, the facts indicate that wireless headphones often end up in the body of users, but there are not so many cases when they were swallowed in a dream.

The worst thing that can happen to AirPods in the morning is they get lost. But, as you know, they definitely will not leave the limits of the apartment. Most likely, they will be somewhere under the sofa or stuck in the duvet cover. Quite desperate in search of a snow-white earphone? Use the Locator to by sound find AirPods.

  • Go to “Locator”;
  • Choose your AirPods;
  • Click Play Sound.

Worse, if your apartment has pets. My dog ​​has chewed on more than one pair of EarPods, but she hasn’t come across wireless headphones yet. It seems that then a visit to the veterinarian cannot be avoided, and you will also have to buy an earpiece separately. So, if you don’t want to harm yourself or your pets, it’s better at night remove AirPods in a case.

And you can also use these gadgets. With these hooks you can fasten AirPods in ears, it will be more difficult for them to fall out. Suitable for AirPods 1 and 2.

Hooks for AirPods

Is it possible to sleep in AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro have enough cons, but the noise cancellation in them is simply superb. I turned on this feature in those moments when I wanted to limit myself from the harmful effects of noise in the subway or on the street, and it is also useful when you need to focus on work. Almost perfect silence is guaranteed to you.

But there is one unpleasant minus. It is believed that for sleep you need to choose the most comfortable headphones. There is even a separate category of sleep headphones. If you plan to use headphones for a variety of purposes, including sleep, then buy those that you feel comfortable with. It is unlikely that plugs are suitable for this: many users note that their ears get tired during the day due to the form factor, and the ear pads themselves create discomfort. Can they be replaced?

If you are looking for a convenient option, then take a look at this. This option is much more comfortable than AirPods, and even cheaper. Sleep with headphones will definitely be comfortable. They can be used as a sleep mask – doubly convenient! Inside a powerful battery that will allow you to listen to music up to 10 hours.

Comfortable sleep headphones

How to sleep with headphones

Unfortunately, sleep with headphones not always helpful. Expert opinions vary: some believe that music helps to relax better, others believe that headphones reduce the quality of sleep. Anyway, the DawnStudy study shows that sleep with headphones not worth it due to the accumulation of wax in the ear, various swelling and irritation due to the inappropriate form factor of the accessory. Music in AirPods can block out important sounds: alarm clocks, fire alarms, door knocks, and even alarm clocks.

If you are going to sleep in AirPods, remember to set the volume as comfortable as possible. When choosing a podcast or playlist, pay attention to the content: it is advisable to choose something calmer so as not to wake up in the middle of the night from loud sounds in the track or the laughter of the presenters. The best option is to set a sleep timer to ensure you get enough sleep. This can be done in both Apple Podcasts and Yandex.Music.

AirPods Pro fit perfectly in the ears, but they can also fall out during sleep. Use a convenient magnetic strap to keep your headphones from getting lost.

Buy a strap for AirPods

Is it bad to sleep with headphones on?

If you do not abuse sleep in AirPods, then there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it is a complete benefit. What’s good about that?

  • If you turn on good relaxing music in your headphones, then it will cause you pleasant sensations: at this moment, serotonin is produced, which has a beneficial effect on the body.
  • Music for relaxation helps to distract from extraneous noise. The sounds of rain and forest are the perfect musical accompaniment for those who like to sleep well.
  • A podcast or favorite tracks help fight insomnia. For those who often cannot fall asleep, this method is a temporary solution to the problem – nevertheless, it is better to consult a doctor. And if insomnia overtakes you extremely rarely, then listening to music in a dream will calm your nerves and help get rid of obsessive thoughts.

Experts agree that the main danger sleep with headphones – this is an increased volume, as well as the constant use of the accessory. As long as you keep the volume at an acceptable level and don’t overuse your headphones, there’s nothing wrong with that. In any case, it all depends on your feelings.

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