Is it possible to repair the iPhone yourself if it is broken


Surely you have noticed that when you are looking for something in a search engine and enter a request in the spirit of how to do this or that, the system itself often attaches to add “with your own hands”. Indeed, the desire to save money or do better than indifferent mothers often leads people to look for new and interesting ways to make repairs on their own. But it’s one thing to repair a bathroom faucet or change a wheel on a bicycle, and quite another to make complex repairs to modern electronic equipment. In particular, a smartphone or tablet. In this article, we’ll talk about whether it’s worth it, in what cases you can really save money, and whether it’s possible to buy spare parts for repairs, for example, iPhone.

Is it possible to repair the phone yourself

In short, you can repair the equipment yourself. Even if it’s an iPhone, you can take it apart and assemble it yourself. We even asked similar questions to our friends at the Apple Pro Service Center. They confirmed that self-repair is possible, but the main thing is to choose high-quality spare parts, do not overestimate your strengths and do not rush during the work.

If there is even the slightest doubt or the repair is more complicated than a simple replacement of components, it is better to immediately contact the specialists. To them or to any other reputable service center. But remember that you have to be wary of the masters from the first page of search engine results for the query “iPhone repair”. In this article, I talked in detail about what scheme of deception is common in such “workshops”.

Does it make sense to repair the phone

If you are thinking about self-repair, then first of all find out how much such repairs cost from specialists. Perhaps the price and terms will turn out to be such that it will be more profitable than repairing yourself and risking damage to expensive equipment.

If you have an old phone, there is another factor here. For example, if you shattered the screen of an iPhone 4S or 5S, it would be easier and cheaper to find a good used one of the same phone model. And if it was not the price of a new phone that kept you from updating, but the principle “this one still works”, then you need to take what happened as a sign of fate and just buy a new device.

Which is better, repair your phone or buy a new one?

At the same time, as a rule, repair of old models is cheaper than new ones. Largely due to the large number of non-original spare parts, which are often of fairly good quality. When ordering them on AliExpress, you need to be careful, but if you use the services of trusted stores, then the risk of buying something of poor quality is very small.

How not to break the phone during repair

Now a few words about the repair itself. It must be understood that the components inside the phone are quite small, fragile and very tightly fitted to each other. Because of this, careless actions can easily damage them. You can learn how to disassemble an iPhone from instructions on the Internet and YouTube videos (like this one). Serious parts dealers like this one have quick replacement instructions on their website.

Anyway never have to rush. Be especially careful when peeling off the display. Careless actions can damage the screen, and replacing it with an original one costs decent money. Just look carefully and remember where the screws were. They must be screwed strictly into the same places and with approximately the same force. If you overdo it, you can either break the parts or damage the threads. The most common failure is when a long screw is screwed into a seat designed for a short screw. As a result, you can make a “hole” in the motherboard and damage the interlayer conductors. If you screw it loosely, then the connection may become loose, and this is also not at all good.

Also pay great attention to the cleanliness of the workplace. Do not repair iPhone on a cluttered table or in dusty conditions. If dust, lint, pet hair fly in the room, then better to pre-clean. This way you protect yourself from getting solid particles inside the case, where they can eventually damage the device.

How to repair iPhone cheaper

In some cases, phone repair may be cheaper at a service center than at home. For example, you broke the screen and want to replace it. You need to restore the original appearance and consumer properties, right? This is where contacting an Apple Pro service center can be more beneficial.

There are methods and technologies that allow you to separate the glass from the matrix, which means that if the latter is not damaged, then the glass can be changed separately. Such a replacement, even with work, can be more profitable than buying a new display with a self-installation. And if you throw in the risks of damage due to inexperience, then entrusting the work to specialists seems to be a more correct solution.

Of course, there are things that you can do with the phone yourself, but sometimes it’s better to trust a specialist. The main thing, if you decide to do everything yourself, before starting work, study all the nuances and understand what awaits you. If the risks do not scare you, you have confidence in your abilities, and the repair itself makes sense, get down to business, but do not save on spare parts and buy them in a trusted place.

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