Is it possible to buy an iPhone without a box


Not so long ago, I sold my iPhone SE 2020 on Avito: the buyer had no complaints about the smartphone, except for the fact that he really wanted to get the box that I left in another city. This was a big surprise for me, since in 2022 you can check the authenticity of an iPhone without a box. It turned out that such an iPhone is much more difficult to sell, but buying a similar smartphone can be much cheaper. Let’s talk about is it worth buying an iphone without a box and why do customers need it at all.

How to buy an iPhone with hands

They say that the box is a guarantee that iPhone was not stolen, because IMEI and serial number are stamped on it, unique for each device, and there are all these instructions and stickers. In general, you can request a screenshot of the device and check the smartphone yourself on the Apple website and in various checkers: they offer a paid check, but you will always receive information about blocking without paying. In particular, you can check the iPhone for operator blocking, unbinding from iCloud and for finding a smartphone in the black list.

In any case, even if iPhone stolen, then it is unlikely that someone will try to sell it – it will be impossible to use it. On the other hand, if the seller got it in some incomprehensible way, then the presence of the box is not a panacea: the main thing is that it breaks through in checkers, and the owner logs out of his Apple ID.

So if you found on Avito iPhone without boxto which there are no complaints – this is by no means a reason to refuse a purchase – perhaps it was really lost and there is nowhere to take it now.

Do I need an iPhone box

In general, in 2022, many buyers in the secondary market do not even know why you need an iphone box Probably because it’s necessary. Some, out of habit in correspondence, ask about the “kit”, meaning the box, cable, and possibly something else. This is mainly due to the fact that all these little things are needed for further resale, since the next buyer will most likely demand the kit again – and so on ad infinitum. All because of the prejudice that the box is a kind of guarantee of the legitimacy of buying an iPhone.

For this reason, buying a trade-in iPhone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you get a fairly inexpensive, but working smartphone without a box. On the other hand, then you still need to try to sell it: a few years ago, no one wanted to buy an iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB from me, because exchange iPhone comes without box. Invite the buyer to check the smartphone on their own – perhaps this will calm him down and he will not remember the kit. And here are some more tips in this article that will help you sell your iPhone faster.

By the way, about checking – you need to thoroughly check everything that is possible: the quality of the image on the screen, the integrity of the screws next to the Lightning connector, scratches and much more. If it turns out that the iPhone was repaired or restored “on the knee”, then no box will help you – it is unlikely that it will be possible to use it normally.

Why are they selling iPhone boxes?

Surely you have heard that Avito sells boxes from iPhones. It all started with the fact that with the release of the iPhone X, many wanted to show that they could afford this smartphone, so they bought themselves packaging to post photos on social networks. But why sell iphone boxes in 2022?

  • For a complete set when reselling. Not all users compare the serial number in the iPhone and on the box. Suddenly ride!
  • Just for myself. Among my acquaintances, there are many who do not sell the iPhone, but leave it as a keepsake, and the box was lost. You can buy.
  • For fake contests. Well, you yourself have seen these ads on social networks, where in the photographs there are dozens of boxes from iPhones.
  • For pranks of loved ones – you can hide not an iPhone in the box, but something else.

Interestingly, sometimes buyers require boxes from other gadgets, but much less often. At one time, I managed to sell several iPads and two pairs of AirPods in this way: they didn’t seem to remember about the boxes, as if they didn’t want to take them at all. That is, according to buyers, it is most important only for the iPhone. Why so – I do not know. Probably for the reason that the smartphone is more popular than other Apple gadgets.

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