iPhone without bangs will be released in two years. But it is not exactly


Rumors about new iPhones appear almost every day: it seems that Apple has finally heard its users and decided to change the design of smartphones and refresh their appearance both in front and behind. Cutout for Face ID will stay with us for at least two years – you just need to come to terms with it. However, Apple won’t be leaving Face ID for good, but we know full well how quickly the company is changing shoes. Or it’s all about the insiders themselves, who bring the information wrong. In any case, let’s rejoice: the bangs from the iPhone will disappear, but you have to wait a bit. However, first things first.

What will the iPhone 14 be like?

The week turned out to be rich in insiders: we saw prototypes of the iPhone 14, which, after all, were updated and changed. So, it became known that there will be four smartphones at once. One of them is the most interesting is the iPhone 14 Max, which will replace the compact iPhone 13 mini. The fact that Apple would abandon the mini-version was known last year: the company took a chance and released a small smartphone, but it failed miserably in the first generation (battery problems) and in the second. True, there were no complaints about the iPhone 13 mini, but in 2022 no one needs a smartphone with a 5.4-inch display.

Apple took this into account and decided to release the iPhone 14 Max immediately with a 6.7-inch screen. True, the smartphone will not be on top-end hardware: the company decided to separate the regular iPhone and the Pro version. So, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will receive the A16 processor, obtained by renaming the A15 Bionic. Why deceive people and go to such tricks? Well you know Apple.

It is also known that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will retain the cutout for Face ID from the previous generation, while the Pro versions will receive the notorious “island”. And you can also distinguish them by the back panel: on the regular versions there will be a double camera module, and on the firmware – a triple one.

When will the iPhone come out without a bang

Like it or not, but find fault with the assertion that iPhone 14 Pro will be without bangs, will not work. The notch will become much smaller, and the usable screen area will be larger. But if you expect nothing superfluous to remain on the front panel, then I have good news for you – you will have to wait at least two years. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that an iPhone without a notch will appear no earlier than 2024 – it will be the iPhone 16. Smartphones will receive an under-screen front camera, and all the necessary elements of Face ID will be located under the display.

Apparently Touch ID won’t be on iPhone (not counting the iPhone SE, of course) at least two years. What happens next is the big question. By the way, the analyst has previously noted that Apple has postponed the introduction of a sub-screen fingerprint scanner – as you can see, the insider was not mistaken. True, using the iPhone 14 as an example, it is safe to say that notch-free screen will appear exclusively on Pro-versions, and simple versions will get bangs Face ID from iPhone 14 – in the form of the same island.

What will the new iPhone look like?

In principle, you can trust the words of an insider – he rarely makes mistakes in his forecasts, however, he often corrects them: that is, if he now claims that Apple will release an iPhone without a notch, then in a couple of months he may report that the company has abandoned this decision. There is nothing to blame him for: it does not depend on him. There are also questions for Apple: how does the company plan to hide Face ID under the screen, if it has not yet introduced an under-screen fingerprint scanner, releasing the same iPhone SE design what year in a row? This is happening for a reason.

True, there is still hope: they say that Tim Cook simply does not have any innovative ideas, and, as you know, his term of office is coming to an end. This means that the new head of the company will be engaged in updating the iPhone and other Apple products: pay attention to how the plans for the release of an AR headset, as well as the notorious folding iPhone, are shifting. It is safe to say that in the next 2 years, Apple will start rolling out completely new devices. So let’s wait and hope for the best.

By the way, Apple is hatching plans to release Yandex.Station. Yes, yes, you are not mistaken! But she will have a cool feature.

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