iPhone SE 3 or iPhone 11. What to choose in 2022


The iPhone 11 was a hit throughout 2021: everyone liked the smartphone so much that users instantly forgot about the iPhone XR, which was discontinued not so long ago. Just the other day, the iPhone SE 3 was released, which caused a lot of controversy, indignation, and even more indifference. It received good hardware and became the most affordable gaming phone from Apple, as well as cheapest iPhone of those currently in existence. Smartphones are different in everything: from the diagonal of the screen to the capacity of the batteries and the results of synthetic tests. At first glance, it seems that the iPhone 11 is the best option to buy today, but everything is not so clear-cut here. Let’s figure it out which iPhone is better.

What is the difference between iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 11

Always a pleasure compare iPhone, which are not similar to each other – the more interesting it is to draw parallels and draw conclusions. Firstly, the iPhone SE 3 in its appearance comes from 2014 – it was then that the famous iPhone 6 was released. Secondly, it still has Touch ID – this unlocking method is still more convenient for someone.

Thirdly, iPhone SE 3 has 5G – a dubious advantage in our area, but it will always come in handy in the future. Also worth noting is the prehistoric small screen iPhone SE: only 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 by 750 pixels versus 6.1 inches for the iPhone 11 and a resolution of 1792 by 828. Inferior to the iPhone SE 3 and screen brightness of 627 nits versus 649.

On the other hand, the iPhone SE 3 is the latest Apple’s compact smartphone. If you are looking for something comfortable that will fit comfortably in your hand, then SE will come in handy: the dimensions of the smartphone are only 138.4 * 67.3 * 7.3 mm, and the weight is 144 grams, which is 50 less than that of the iPhone 11. Both smartphones are protected by a glass coating, though iPhone SE 3 it should be newer and more reliable. It is also worth noting the color palette in which smartphones are offered: the iPhone SE 2022 has only three colors, while the iPhone 11 has six. Both smartphones have smooth rounded body edges.

Comparison of iPhone processors

The iPhone 11 has a quite nimble and still current Apple A13 Bionic. In Geekbench 5, it scores 1341 in the single-core test and 3482 in the multi-core test. We also take into account the fact that the processor is already quite old, however, this does not prevent it from being cooler than the chips in the new Samsung Galaxy S22.

But the Apple A15 Bionic is installed in the iPhone SE 3, which automatically ranks it among the top iPhone 13. The smartphone, of course, does not give the same scores in synthetic tests, but still more powerful than iPhone 11 – 1716 and 4719 respectively. True, it is not clear where to put all this agility – the smartphone was clearly created for the future, so all the power will come in handy in two or three years.

Comparison of iPhone cameras

Also in the iPhone SE 3 installed a new neural processor – 16-core Neural Engine, due to which it was possible to noticeably pump a modest single-module camera at 12 megapixels. Both smartphones have deep fusion, but photographic styles appeared in the new SE. Nevertheless, the developers from Apple managed to programmatically upgrade SE 2022 main camera and even add chips to it that are not in iPhone 11 cameras. True, the front camera of the state employee at 7 megapixels still lags behind the iPhone 11, where the lens is at 12 megapixels.

Which iPhone lasts the longest

There is no point in weighing anything and trying to compare: the iPhone 11 has a powerful 3110 mAh battery, which gives high autonomy even when paired with the A13 Bionic. The iPhone SE 3 has a 1821 mAh battery, which, according to the Cupertinians, managed to stretch for another 2 hours. Well, let’s see what will actually happen, but it is clearly not worth waiting for miracles from the state employee.

Which iPhone is better to take in 2022

Given that the exchange rate has flown to another galaxy, the iPhone has also risen in price. Now the iPhone 11, which most recently cost about 48-49 thousand for a version with 64 GB of memory, will cost 67-68 thousand rubles, but you can actually find it for 64 thousand. In addition, there are still attractive offers for this smartphone on the secondary market.

New iPhone SE 3 was supposed to be another cool state employee, but it is not for sale in Russia. We have already calculated that at the current rate it would cost about 70 thousand rubles. In theory, if it ends up in our country with gray sellers, then it will cost at least 65 thousand due to changes in exchange rates and complex logistics.

iPhone 11 offers a big screen, Face ID, a powerful battery, a proven camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, and an A13 Bionic chip that will be around for years to come. This is the most current iPhone to date, which is definitely worth buying. For comparable money so far iPhone 11 is better than iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2022.

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