iPhone SE 3 failed and should not be bought. But he had to get out


As high as the expectations for the release of the new iPhone SE were, it also failed in sales. Many people thought that it would be an inexpensive phone that would work like a real iPhone. In a way, it really did. I keep arguing that the iPhone SE is viable and worth buying, but many Android users can make the mistake of going the wrong way when choosing a new phone. It’s enough to try iOS, but once you get used to the bigger one, you won’t be able to use it for long and end up wanting to buy something bigger and more expensive. Let’s look at the iPhone SE 3 from the negative side and understand why the company was too arrogant by releasing it.

Is anyone buying an iPhone SE 3

Let’s start with the fact that Apple cut production of the iPhone SE 3 just a month after its release by 20%. Yes, this happened against the backdrop of production cuts in China, but the cuts in the production of this model, and not the iPhone 13 mini, which many have criticized, speak volumes.

So, the question is, why were the market estimates for the iPhone SE 3 so wrong? And why is this device not getting positive feedback from consumers? Let’s figure it out.

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The most unsuccessful iPhone

In 2019, Apple faced great difficulties in selling the iPhone XR/XS series. At the time, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an open letter to address the “overpriced iPhone” issue. In the second half of the year, Apple began to adjust its product line and launched the iPhone 11 series with a more reasonable pricing approach. To spur a recovery in sales, Apple launched the iPhone SE 2 in April the following year, starting at $40,000.

At this price iPhone SE 2 performed very well. In the second quarter after its release, the iPhone SE was a key factor supporting Apple’s sales this quarter. This model was one of the few that provided growth for its manufacturer despite the pandemic and the overall significant decline in demand. In the second quarter of 2020, its global shipments reached 45.1 million, up 25% from a year earlier.

iPhone SE came out on time

And even then, the perfect time for renewal was chosen. Many who love the compact iPhone 6, 7 and 8 with bezels but in a small body were ready to buy a new phone, but did not want to switch to huge frameless models.

For all of 2020, the iPhone SE 2 was one of the best-selling mobile phones in the world with shipments of around 24.2 million units, second only to the iPhone 11 (around 64.8 million units) in the global rankings. With such achievements, many thought that the third generation of the SE should become a cult. And it didn’t.

In April 2021, iPhone 12 sales surpassed 100 million units 7 months after its release, setting the same record as the iPhone 6. This figure means that the 5G function, like the big screen of the iPhone 6, has paid off. iPhone 13 also received 5G – it could not be otherwise. This returned the company to a leading position. Got it and iPhone SE 3, but it didn’t save him. The addition of 5G to the new iPhone SE 3 has led many to think that not only owners of the second generation of the SE model will switch to it, but also owners of Android smartphones. However, the harsh reality is that 5G is not a panacea. Apple analysts and marketers were wrong.

No matter how perfect the product is, everything should revolve around the needs of users. Weakness of the iPhone SE 3 lies in the 4.7-inch LCD screen and the lack of battery life that is typical for compact devices. Android users who are offered even the most inexpensive devices with a screen of 6+ inches will not appreciate such a downgrade. The problem is that having bought an inexpensive SE, if you love iOS, you will then buy one and a half times more expensive iPhone 13. Maybe in this case you should immediately look in its direction or choose a used model if you can’t buy new iPhone 13 ? I tend to give affirmative answer.

Buy or not iPhone SE 3

On major websites, despite the fact that bloggers and journalists have exhausted their vocabulary to describe the comfortable feeling of working with one hand on a compact phone (I am one of them), there is nothing to say when it comes to specific scenarios. Naturally, I’m talking about the autonomy and convenience of watching videos.

On the 4.7 inch LCD screen any high quality video can look so-so. Today, mobile phones are typically 6.1 to 6.9 inches in size. The largest smartphone display reaches 7 inches. To the point where users are screaming for 2K, high refresh rates and battery life, the iPhone SE 3 is like Nokia’s 5G feature phone.

I have always advocated the choice between a large and small screen phone. But given that the world has about 40 million (roughly) iPhone SE and mini, and sales are not growing, you might think that it is oversaturated. In the global market, even slogans like “cheapest iPhone with 5G‘ are no longer working. Old users are happy with their devices, while new users choose mini-models if they want a small gadget.

Today, with the growing popularity of 6-inch bezel-less phones, something else might be released. only a brave company. Apple did it and showed how to behave. 4.7-inch will be small for many, but we have a choice. I can only say one thing for sure. It is worth buying this phone only if you are sure that you need it. But by no means because it is the cheapest iPhone. This is the road to nowhere.

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