iPhone SE 2022 has fallen in price in Russia. Is it worth buying now?


Despite the fact that Apple refused to carry iPhone SE 3 to Russia, the smartphone in a roundabout way still got to our market. At first, when the offer was limited, one and a half or two prices were asked for a novelty, and this suited many. However, as the market became saturated, prices began to decline and even reached an acceptable level, although they remained higher than they should have been kept if Apple officially imported its iPhones into Russia. However, at a rate of 60 rubles per dollar sell iPhone SE 2022 expensive no longer made sense, which means it’s time to discuss whether it makes sense to buy it.

A little more than a month after the appearance of the iPhone SE 2022 in Russia, it has almost halved in price. Not only did it become available on several Russian online sites at once, it also now costs absolutely reasonable money, which makes the new product a very attractive contender for purchase.

iPhone SE 2022 – price in Russia

As of May 21 iPhone SE 3 price for the 64 GB version on Yandex.Market it starts from 37 thousand rubles. This is only 5-7 thousand rubles more expensive than we sell the model of the previous generation. That is, if you are looking for a small iPhone with Touch IDit makes sense to look at the new product.

Especially since buy iPhone SE 2022 it can even be cheaper if you pay for the purchase with a Tinkoff bank card. Right now, he is offering a 10% cashback on all purchases on Yandex.Market. Thus the actual smartphone price for you it will be even lower than 35 thousand rubles. And it’s really beneficial.

Why? Yes, because there are simply no alternatives at a reasonable price on the market now. Basically iPhone 12 mini good for everyone, but at best it costs 50-55 thousand rubles, and this is almost 20 thousand rubles more expensive. Perhaps for some this is not money, but then it probably does not make sense for you to continue reading this article.

iPhone SE 2022 – is it worth buying

However, there are other, more objective reasons to buy the iPhone SE 2022:

  • CPU. Chipset A15 Bionic, which Apple equips its current generation smartphones, has no analogues in the world in terms of performance. It has the highest computing power, due to which it copes with the most resource-intensive tasks.
  • Camera. Despite the fact that the iPhone SE 2022 is equipped with the same module that was installed in the iPhone 8, the A15 Bionic processor compensates for everything. Thanks to him, the novelty shoots at about the same level as the flagships of the current generation, offering support for all major shooting modes.
  • Battery. Yes, finally, Apple pumped iPhone SE autonomy, equipping the new model with a more capacious battery, which, coupled with an energy-efficient processor, gives out an unparalleled better runtime than the previous generation model. This is definitely enough for a full day without recharging.
  • Support. Up-to-date hardware and Apple’s loyal approach guarantee you that update iPhone SE 3 will be at least 5 years, and even more. Think back to the first iPhone SE, which came out in 2016. It’s already 2022, and it’s still getting updates. Even if iOS 15 becomes its last version of the OS, it will turn out that its support lasted exactly 6 years.
  • Price. For many, this is perhaps the most important factor influencing the choice of a new smartphone. Insofar as iPhone SE 2022 in Russia you can grab it for about 35k, which makes it almost the best deal on the market. It costs almost a tenth less than the two-year-old iPhone 11, which clearly has no more than 3-4 years left to live.

Is it worth buying an iPhone in 2022

Choosing an iPhone SE 2022, of course, you need to be aware that Apple smartphones for Russia are no longer the same as they were before. Now Apple Pay does not work for us, but pay paid apps in the App Store became more difficult. While Apple hasn’t yet disabled Apple ID mobile phone top-ups, it could indeed happen in the very near future.

However, here, as for me, you need to go from the opposite. After all, on Android the situation is no better. Moreover, I would even say that things are even worse there, given that Google cut off all the possibilities for Russian users to pay for paid content, in-app purchases or subscriptions that they had, not to mention the ban on updating paid applications. .

Apple, to our happiness, is trying to behave more elegantly. Yes, she doesn’t succeed in everything, but in general, no one has blocked either updates or the ability to download system-forming applications like browsers for us. But the same Google did not hesitate to do this and blocked the Google Home application in Russia, and also temporarily limited the download of new versions of Google Chrome.

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