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Apple equipment is famous for its reliability: by personal example, I can say that in 5 years I have not encountered a single breakdown, which is good news. Not so long ago, I already told you that the quality of Apple products has not decreased. However, many users, among whom there are readers of our Telegram chat, are faced with breakdowns and errors. And if you think about it, then someone refuses iPhone shoppingby asking advice from more experienced users or by watching a critique on YouTube. You need to know the enemy in person: today we recall the main shortcomings of the iPhone and wish the company to finally get rid of them in the coming year.

Issues with iOS

iOS 15 turned out to be a little more than stable: outwardly it is difficult to distinguish it from iOS 14 – perhaps, in a sense, this benefited her. This is the first iOS in a long time, in the release version of which there were no serious problems. Users are afraid to install it and even wonder if it is worth it. Actually release of iOS 15 passed normally, and in minor updates, Apple fixes bugs or adds new features.

Up to this point, it seemed that the company had some problems with software testing: the release of iOS is always accompanied by complaints from iPhone owners and hasty bug fixes. Moreover, new iOS in most cases, it works differently on different iPhones and there is no guarantee that the software will work equally well on both iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 13 Pro. We wish the company to get rid of these problems next year.

Outdated iPhones

Nobody is surprised by the principle by which Apple recognizes gadgets as obsolete and removes them from production. Got under the knife this year iPhone 12 lineup: no one expected such a turn, but such is life. The iPhone 12 could interfere with the sales of the iPhone 13, as a result of which the company simply curtailed production of the older model. Imagine how insulting it is for the owners of these smartphones: until recently, their devices were actively produced, and now they have sunk into oblivion. Hopefully someday this will end or the company will explain why this is happening.

big screen iphone

Displays in iPhone are growing very fast, but Apple has never learned how to use free space wisely: you yourself can notice how much space is empty on the screen. I noticed this back in the iPhone XR: under the keyboard there is a large empty strip, which has not yet been adapted to anything. This big screen iPhone it is somewhat reminiscent of a huge shopping center in any city – the main thing is to take up more space, and what to do with it – we will figure it out later. Or not. It is very strange that the developers from Cupertino do this: the company is betting on practicality, but it seems that this does not apply to the content on the screen.

iPhone price

Price iPhone in Russia decently high: the company artificially sets the exchange rate at 100 rubles to the dollar in order to be sure of future revenue, as a result of which the Russians greatly overpay. And also taxes and transportation costs, which is quite logical. In addition, there is a psychological component: in Russia, Apple is considered a premium brand – another reason to set the price higher. In some countries, the iPhone is not so highly valued, so there prices for smartphones are reduced more often. In any case, the company needs to earn, and iPhone price – probably the most important factor that makes you think about an expensive purchase.

Useful iPhone Features

Unfortunately, Apple has a terrible localization of services: many features are only available in the US or Europe, and our country gets them later or not at all. This also applies to Siri, which was introduced back in 2011: surprisingly, many other more adequate voice assistants have appeared since then. And Apple is constantly introducing cool chips in iOS, and after a while refuses them, leaving users out of work – the most experienced are well aware of this iPhone userswho have been deceived more than once. A striking example is 3D Touch on iPhone, which turned out to be useless, and everything was replaced with a simpler Haptic Touch.

And what iPhone problems worry you? Write in the comments.

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