iPhone killer: Elon Musk threatens Apple and Google that he will make his smartphone


What companies just tried to make their own smartphones, wanting to either repeat the success of Apple, or more firmly tie the audience to their services. This includes Facebook, banned in Russia, and Kodak, and even Energizer. But each of these experiments invariably ended in failure. It was either a complete misunderstanding of the market and, accordingly, an inability to interest the consumer, or a false feeling that it would be possible to leave only due to a recognizable brand. I wonder if it will repeat Elon Musk these errors?

What does Elon Musk have to do with it, you ask? In fact, with everything. Because SpaceX founder and CEO Tesla announced his intentions to release his own smartphone. No, he did not talk about it as a fait accompli, but rather as a hypothetical possibility that depends on external factors. But today, nothing surprises you anymore.

Smartphone Elon Musk

According to Musk, he will smartphone alternative what Apple and Google release if the application Twitter will be removed from the App Store and Google Play. Obviously, the entrepreneur is already preparing for such an opportunity, fearing that the IT giants will not be satisfied with the new rules that apply to his social network.

As expected, no details about new Tesla smartphone The mask did not bring. It would be strange if this happened, given that no device is even in the project yet and it is not clear whether it will be at all. Still, we all know very well that Musk is a genius of PR and manipulation, and in order to make himself known in the smartphone market, he does not even need a smartphone itself.

However, the very idea of ​​launching one’s own smartphone from Tesla makes no sense for several reasons:

  • Musk – person who generates meaning. If you want, this is the second Steve Jobs. Perhaps even on a larger scale. Therefore, there is no doubt that whatever the phone released by him, it will be bought only because of the name of the creator.
  • Elon Musk (of course, not himself, but his team) already has tremendous experience in developing the most complex computing devices, so in theory create a smartphone it shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.
  • Musk already has Starlink satellites, which could supply the smartphone with the Internet, or at least emergency communications where the cellular network does not catch at all. In this, Musk would bypass even Apple.
  • Do not forget about Tesla, with which the smartphone could be integrated for a more convenient interaction. As a result, you will get a whole ecosystem, which simply will not have analogues in the world.
  • Elon Musk might even launch new operating system for mobile devices. Whether it will launch is an open question. But Tesla’s electric vehicles run on their own platform, which the company’s engineers and developers wrote themselves.
  • And even if they don’t write, Musk will always be able to base the future smartphone Android operating system and already on its basis to create your own application catalog. It’s much easier than doing everything from scratch.

Tesla phone – when will it be released

The experience of Carl Pei’s Nothing company, the founder of OnePlus, has shown that with proper funding, today almost everyone is able to launch their own smartphone manufacturing startup. All components for its creation are in the public domain, as well as the operating system. It remains to come up with an attractive design, combine all this into a single device and start selling.

Musk even has an original marketing story to spur sales, and it’s just as good as Tesla, SpaceX or Starlink. If electric cars were needed to transfer a person to environmentally friendly cars, spaceships were needed to fly to Mars, and satellites were needed to cover the entire planet with the Internet, then a smartphone is quite suitable for the role of a means of combating total censorship.

Apple and Google are doing absolute chaos when it comes to canceling any product. Today they are canceling Sberbank, and tomorrow they can switch to the projects of Musk himself. And the launch of a smartphone, where the rules imposed by Apple and Google do not apply, could significantly change the balance of power in the market.

Will it launch Elon Musk his smartphone? I highly doubt it. At least not now. Most likely, the entrepreneur himself does not really believe in this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said about the smartphone for the sake of a red word to stir up social networks again, as he did in the past. Just remember the story of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which grew due to the mere mention of Musk on Twitter, and you will not be surprised by anything. But, if he still decided on his phone, the world would definitely not become worse.

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