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Apple added the ability to turn on the flashlight back in iOS 7 – since then, users no longer have to download separate utilities to turn it on. This is a useful feature that comes in handy in any suitable situation, and you can launch it directly from the Control Center. Despite this, sometimes there are problems due to which the flashlight does not turn on or malfunctions occur. In order not to run into repairs, we have collected some useful tips for you that you can use if iPhone flashlight not working or you have problems with the flash. We tell you what to do.

How to turn on flash on iPhone

The camera flash and flashlight share the same LED. While using the camera, you will not be able to turn on the flashlight, as the applications conflict with each other. If the camera app is open and you need to turn on the flashlight, close it first. In order to fix on the camera some object located in a hard-to-reach place, it is better to use a flash. You can activate it by clicking the lightning bolt icon or by expanding the advanced settings.

  • Choose always-on flash, not automatic mode: to do this, click on the arrow at the top, which will expand the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click on the lightning icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Flash On.

If the flashlight suddenly stops working from Control Center, don’t rush to bring your iPhone in for repair. Perhaps the whole thing is a system failure or other reasons. Pre-recommend test flash on iphoneby turning it on, and then take a photo. If the flash fired, then the problem is not in the module itself, but there was a software failure.

There are a lot of accessories for the iPhone, but some manufacturers do not do them well enough. You may think that the case fits perfectly, all the holes for buttons and connectors match, but the material may cover the camera or the LED flash that is located next to the module. Perhaps it is because of this that you iPhone flash stopped working. Try removing the cover or protective film to test the flash. If the flashlight worked, then the matter is exclusively in a low-quality accessory.

How to turn on the flash on a call on iPhone

The iPhone has a cool feature that allows you not to miss a call or an incoming notification – this flash for warnings. It exists for people who have hearing problems, but it can also be turned on instead of sound or vibration. This feature is not enabled by default, but it can be easily enabled.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Scroll down and go to Audio Visualization.
  • At the very bottom, activate the slider next to “Flash for warnings.”
  • If you want the flash to work not only without sound, deactivate the “In silent mode” item.

Ready! Your iPhone will now flash when you receive a call or notification, but to see the feature in action, place your iPhone face down.

Flashlight turns on on iPhone

Many users complain that sometimes iphone flash turns on by itself. Don’t worry, your iPhone is fine and it’s all about the Accessibility touch features that were turned on automatically. How to disable?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Go to “Touch”.
  • At the very bottom, select “Back Touch”.

Check if double or triple back tap is enabled. If it is activated, just go to this item and click “Not selected”.

How to make flashlight brighter on iPhone

Apple has provided several levels of flashlight brightness on the iPhone. You can increase or decrease it at any time.

  • Swipe to call the “Control Center”.
  • Long press to call the flashlight.
  • After that, the brightness scale will appear on the screen. Select the required level.

What to do if the flash does not work

If the previous tips did not help you and flash problems still haunting you, try doing something else.

  • Restart your iPhone: Hold down the volume button and the power button until the power off slider appears on an iPhone with Face ID. Or the power button until the shutdown screen appears on an iPhone with Touch ID.
  • Do a Factory Reset iPhone. In Settings, select General, scroll down, click Reset, and click Reset All Settings.
  • Update iOS. If you haven’t updated your iPhone for a long time, look in Settings – “Software Update”. The problem may be due to a rare error, and installing the update will help solve it.

In most cases, all iPhone flash failures are manually fixed without visiting a service center. But problems with lack of memory remain with you for a long time: we told in our article why the “Download unused” function is needed and how it differs from deletion.

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