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Finding cool iPhone accessories is not easy. Sometimes you are looking for a good PowerBank, but in the end you order a stand for an iPad, because after spending two hours looking for suitable products, you did not find anything suitable. Add to this the difficulty of finding a conscientious seller who will not delay the package for 30 days. In general, online shopping is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. That is why, together with Ali Baba’s Chest, we decided to make your life a little easier: find cool accessories, check the rating, look at the seller.

USB to Lightning Baseus cable

Having a spare iPhone charger is a must for everyone. You never know what can happen to the main wire: lost, forgotten, broken. It is clear that paying two thousand for the original cable just for the sake of having it lying somewhere in a box is such a thing. Therefore, I propose to take this cable for yourself and just throw it somewhere far away.

There are a lot of cables for iPhone. But this one is the best. There are several reasons: firstly, the famous company Baseus, which has long established itself on the positive side, and secondly, a high rating and tens of thousands of reviews and orders. Just think: charging was ordered more than 49 thousand times

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Charging Apple 3 in 1

When we recommended you charging 3 in 1 in the form of a stand, many answered that it is not very convenient: the stand takes up a lot of space, is made of plastic and a lot of other complexities. Therefore, I offer you this solution, it has a lot of advantages:

  • Compactness.
  • Matte black body that will fit into any interior.
  • Ability to charge two smartphones at once.
  • Can be rolled up and used as a stand.

Judging by the photos in the reviews, such a charge can easily fit even in the back pocket of jeans. Plus, it’s cool that the seller immediately puts a USB Type-C cable and a cube in the kit. Most of the products I’ve seen before have not.

Product rating 5.0, reviews 11, orders 109.

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Transparent iPhone case

It seems to me that a transparent case is the only case that looks good on a smartphone. Everything else gets boring very quickly. But on the other hand, you need to protect the phone somehow. Therefore, I offer you the following solution to the problem.

I liked this case because of its versatility: to the feast, to the world, and to kind people. Plus, I note the black insert, which will add uniqueness to your device and protect the camera from falls, which is also very cool. The guys who have ever encountered a broken camera on their iPhone will definitely understand me.

Product rating 4.9, reviews 14, orders 56.

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Analog MagSafe for iPhone

Recently, more and more users of top iPhone models have begun to look at MagSafe. Indeed, wireless charging is very convenient, but specifically MagSafe has another advantage. When you put your smartphone on a classic wireless charger, you only have to move it a little on the die, as the charging immediately stops. MagSafe is free from this problem.

It is very expensive to take the original charge, especially since there are a lot of solutions on Aliexpress that are no worse than the original. If in doubt about such a purchase, look at a couple of reviews on YouTube and make sure that the copies are just as good.

Specifically, I liked this charge because it is extremely reminiscent of the original: from the appearance to the details of the case. Go, order, enjoy!

Product rating 5.0, reviews 189, orders 629.

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iPhone magnetic case

Another transparent case that looks like a very interesting solution. With it, you don’t even have to buy glass: just connect the two parts of the case to each other with a magnet and enjoy the full protection of your device.

I can’t help but notice its design. He’s just awesome here. You can hardly find something similar anywhere else. This case will emphasize the original color of your device and complement it with colored frames around. I especially liked the colors. Blue is my favourite.

Product rating 4.9, reviews 26, orders 86.

Charger for iPhone on the side

To describe all the advantages of this charger for iPhone, just look at it. A wire in a fabric braid, a connector on the side – what else is needed for life? It seems to me that this is the best alternative to the original charger. Personally, I ordered one for myself three months ago. The original wires are torn after a year, so taking a second one is not pampering, but a necessity.

Product rating 4.9, reviews 1089, orders 3942.


This PowerBank can not only charge your smartphone, but also keep you warm in harsh winter weather. Think for yourself: what are the requirements for a good PowerBank? For many, this is compactness and a good battery supply. This thing has all the necessary qualities. Agree, beauty?

Separately, I want to note the LED-backlight, which will show the remaining charge on the smartphone and a beautiful design. Most jars are usually done in boring black shades, which is not very cool. And here are pleasant colors, beautiful inserts – everything is like in people.

Product rating 4.9, reviews 283, orders 602.

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iPhone stand

At first glance, it may seem that a smartphone stand is a useless thing. But when you are going to watch something on YouTube, and you need to support the phone, we use improvised means. I propose to abandon this idea forever and finally get yourself this contraption.

Simple, easy to use, cheap – what else do you need to be happy? Plus, you can order several pieces at once for all family members. In ordinary life, the stand will not hurt you, but in some situations it will save you a lot.

Product rating 5.0, reviews 19, orders 38.

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Daily planner with wireless charging

Personally, I stopped using paper for some notes a long time ago. Firstly, it is not environmentally friendly, and secondly, is it much easier to open notes on an iPhone? It turned out that in my thoughts I was alone. Almost all my friends have diaries and constantly write something down there.

Well, if you buy yourself a diary, then only this one. Wireless charging instead of a cover, PowerBank for 8000 mAh, flash drive included – that’s what I understand, a thing! The product is praised in the reviews. High-quality materials, a convenient charge indicator on the back, removable paper blocks that are sold at every corner – beauty, and nothing more!

Product rating 5.0, reviews 5, orders 28.

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