iPhone 14 release: where to watch the Apple presentation on September 7 in Russian


Today, September 7, at 20:00 Moscow time, Apple will hold its next presentation. Despite the fact that this is not the first event this year, it can safely be called the most important because of new iPhonesthat will be presented on it. The event itself will be held so early for the first time in many years: Apple usually chooses dates closer to the middle, or even to the end of the month. But this time it was decided to hold a presentation at least a week and a half earlier, in order to put the presented novelties on sale on September 15-16. Let’s figure out what new items are waiting for us, as well as where you can watch the Apple presentation on September 7th.

Apple presentation, September 2022 – watch online

By tradition, Apple itself uses only 3 channels for broadcasting its presentations:

Apple presentation – watch in Russian

This is good and convenient, but only adjusted for the fact that the entire broadcast, which will begin at 20:00 Moscow time, will be given without translation into Russian. Well, if Apple didn’t bother with voice acting when they filmed their presentations in advance, then you definitely shouldn’t count on the same live. The best thing that awaits you is subtitles. But for many, it is simply inconvenient to read what is written and perceive what is happening on the screen.

Apple presentation 2022 in Russian

We will also conduct our Broadcast presentation of Apple on September 7 in Russian on our live page. Bookmark it so you don’t lose it. For your convenience, it will be text. Thus, we will be able not only to provide you with only the most up-to-date information, but also to comment on what is happening on stage. Traditionally, we start at 19:00 Moscow time, while the presentation itself starts in an hour, exactly at 20:00.

Apple presentation – watch in Russian

Our live page is already ready for broadcast, so if you wish, you can look there right now. In the near future, photos from the scene, plums and interesting facts about upcoming new products that Apple will present at the event will begin to appear there. Their number will increase as the evening approaches and the presentation starts.

In case you don’t want follow the Apple presentation on our website and consume large amounts of information, we have prepared two more sites where we will publish only a squeeze. You can get basic information from our telegram channel for live broadcasts, and for those who do not use Telegram, we have set up duplication in VK:

What Apple will present on September 7

On the presentations September 7 Apple will present at least 8 new products. In addition to the four flagship smartphones, we are waiting for at least three more models of smart watches from the company and AirPods Pro 2th generation. But it is possible that we will also be shown the new iPad 10.2. Here’s the full list of upcoming releases:

There are no doubts about the first 6 novelties. The presentation is guaranteed to present four new iPhonesApple Watch 8th generation and AirPods Pro 2. But the Apple Watch Pro, although a lot has been said about them, may not be shown. Firstly, the information about this new product that is available in the news field is too contradictory. It is not clear whether it will be a protected watch, or just some advanced and expensive one. And, secondly, we did not see a single leak confirming a possible Apple Watch Pro release.

Concerning Apple Watch SE 2, then in their case the probability of exit, in my opinion, is still higher. The experience of the previous two years has shown that cheap Apple smartwatch are popular even though they do not have an ECG function or blood oxygen measurement. I’m not talking about the fact that this year Apple refuses to manufacture Apple Watch Series 3. This means that those who want to buy something non-flagship without the new SE will have almost no chance.

Apple presentation – watch in Russian

On the iPad, too, not everything is clear yet. On the one hand, the time has clearly come to update the lineup, which will not receive new devices for more than a year. And, on the other hand, late autumn (October-November) is the traditional time for Apple computers and tablets. Therefore, I think, if Cupertino decides to present new iPad 10.2, they will not devote a single minute of the presentation to it and either simply add it to their site silently, or mention it at the very end, simply voicing the price. Moreover, no significant innovations are expected from him.

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