iPhone 14 Plus fell in price in Russia by 35 thousand rubles and will get cheaper even more


iPhone 14 Plus sales worldwide began almost a month later than all other models of the updated line. Apparently, this is how Apple planned to warm up the rush demand for the new product, which she was counting on. However, the consumer reacted not only with restraint, but, it seems, generally ignored the release. Therefore, even despite the fact that the novelty reached Russia with some delay relative to the rest of the world, already after two weeks of presence in Russian retail, the price for it dropped by almost 50%.

If you remember, sales of the iPhone 14 Plus in Russia began on October 11th. On that day, the smartphone was not available from all sellers, but in general it was not a problem to buy it. In any case, if you were ready to pay 100-110 thousand rubles for it in the basic configuration. Yes, not cheap, but no one promised affordable new products from Apple imported by parallel imports from abroad. Then no one suspected how temporary this postulate was.

The price of the iPhone 14 Plus in Russia

As of October 26, the 128 GB iPhone 14 Plus can be bought in Russia starting from 65 thousand rubles. If you estimate, now the smartphone is 35k cheaper than two weeks ago. In this sense iPhone 14 Plus even bypassed the classic iPhone 14, which lost only 30% over the same period. It seems that Apple’s new products have never fallen in price so rapidly on the Russian market. But the reasons for such a sharp decline in prices are quite reasonable.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 14 Plus is really new smartphone, albeit not with the newest hardware, Apple fans around the world did not accept it. They were repelled by a combination of two factors:

  • First, the iPhone 14 Plus is expensive. Despite last year’s iron, it costs even more than a year earlier Apple asked for the iPhone 13. Still, $ 900 is a lot of money for which you get a hybrid of either a redesigned iPhone 13 or an unfinished iPhone 13 Pro Max with an unknown why an increased serial number.
  • Secondly, there is still an iPhone 13 Pro Max on sale with exactly the same hardware, at exactly the same price, but with a wider range of features. Yes, last year’s Apple flagship doesn’t have satellite connectivity, but it does have 3 cameras instead of 2, lidar, stainless steel edging instead of aluminum, and a 120Hz screen.

Sales of iPhone 14 Plus in Russia

As a result, Apple realized that in this scenario sell iPhone 14 Plus will not. Therefore, she was even forced to suspend its further production. After all, it is obvious that until the iPhone 13 Pro Max completely disappears from retail, no one will buy a new “plus” – with the exception, perhaps, of such crazy people as your humble servant. Another thing is that it is not yet clear how long Apple will need to castling. But time is money, and a lot of it.

Yes, the price indicated above is the price for serovars. But in large retail chains, the iPhone 14 Plus still costs the same as at the start of sales. See for yourself:

  • M.Video – 99,999 rubles
  • Eldorado — 99,999 rubles
  • Re:Store – 99 999 rubles
  • MTS – 94,990 rubles

Retailers cannot go the route of the serovars (although technically they are also serovars) and reduce iPhone 14 Plus prices just as strong. Firstly, because they have to build more complex logistics chains, because they carry smartphones in incomparably large volumes. And, secondly, they insure themselves in case of unforeseen circumstances like a mass marriage or an unexpected change in the exchange rate.

Should You Buy an iPhone 14 Plus?

However, the iPhone 14 Plus is not as bad as it might seem. Firstly, it has already seriously fallen in price, and buying it for 65 thousand rubles is much more pleasant than for 100 or 110. Secondly, a new smartphone is a new smartphone. Even with last year’s iron. Therefore, I will not be surprised that all the main innovations that will be released as part of new iOS versions, will focus on it. I’m not talking about potentially longer support, which also plays into the hands of the new product.

I guess iPhone 14 Plus sales Indeed, over time, they can go up. The main thing is that the purchase of this particular model is beneficial for the user. To do this, you need to make the price as attractive as possible. Now we are already observing its decline, but this is clearly not enough for mass demand. Therefore, I would suggest that people’s love for the iPhone 14 Plus can begin from the mark of 50-53k rubles.

Buy iPhone 14 Plus

So what? Apple can arrange this by lowering the purchase price of a smartphone for distributors and retail partners. Of course, not Russian. But after all, thanks to lower prices, ours will also be purchased abroad at better prices. As a result, the device will be even cheaper in Russia. I think Apple will be able to knock down the price to $ 800 without much loss for itself.

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