iPhone 14 Plus failed? Why Apple will leave only Pro models


Only two weeks have passed since the presentation of the iPhone 14, and it is already possible to draw intermediate results. So, it turned out that the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are the absolute hits of this year, which again broke sales records, but the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are not doing very well – the base models are sold very poorly. So bad that there are rumors that Apple cuts production basic models. It looks like everything is going to the fact that in the near future the company will completely abandon them: judge for yourself, it makes no sense to release a regular iPhone purely for show. Let’s figure out why Apple is killing the basic iPhone and why leaving only Pro models is the best outcome for all of us.

What’s new in iPhone 14

Of course, at first glance it may seem that the basic iPhone 14 has not changed, and Apple has successfully re-released the same smartphone for the third year in a row. But in reality this is not the case: an improved camera, satellite communications, in the end, a simplified replacement of the rear glass cover, which will cost users much less in the event of a repair. Don’t forget that Apple fulfilled the dream of Steve Jobs and released iPhone without a SIM card.

However, there are no external differences from the iPhone 13 at all: if it weren’t for the new body colors, we could completely confuse the 2022 model with last year’s smartphone. But this is perhaps the most important thing for the buyer – that outwardly the new smartphone differs from the previous model. Remember at least last year: the bangs in the iPhone 13 were reduced, the camera modules were swapped. It seems like a trifle, but already differences from the iPhone 12.

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​​​replacing the compact iPhone with the iPhone 14 Plus seemed very good, buyers did not like the new smartphone: this is confirmed by Bloomberg informants, who report that Apple will not increase production of basic models, because at the start of sales devices are sold very poorly. Why is that? After all, the iPhone 14 Plus is the best option out of the two basic models, and even with a large display!

Only for the same money it is easier to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which Apple promptly removed from sale. Indeed, for a smaller or the same amount (at least for now), the buyer will receive a truly Pro version with the same processor and battery, but with a triple camera module and a 120 Hz display. A rare occasion when last year’s smartphone from Apple Really better than the new model.

How to distinguish iPhones

Unfortunately, Apple itself has discredited the base models of all devices. This applies to both smartphones and tablets. This is due to the company’s desire to earn more by adding mid-budget devices to the line. They will not be called “Lite” in the Chinese manner: this spoils the impression of the premium brand.

After all, you can always make the cheapest iPhone and call it SE. Only in the case of the usual model, few people are interested in an inexpensive smartphone – just like an inexpensive iPad. Therefore, you can often hear from friends about buying an iPhone 13 Pro or an iPhone 14 Pro. But everyone neglects the usual iPhone, not to mention the iPhone SE.

Unfortunately, everything goes to the fact that Apple is ditching regular iPhones, but first get rid of the SE and seriously separate them from the Pro versions. This is already noticeable now: better cameras, processors, displays, more elegant restrained colors and chips like Dynamic Island.

In the future, the difference will become even more noticeable – similar to the basic iPad and iPad Pro, or the iPhone SE and iPhone 14 Pro. This will allow Apple to earn money, but not to chase technological breakthroughs too much: we already see that there are no serious differences in terms of performance between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

The difference will be huge, even if the smartphones look the same on the outside. But most buyers, as we see now, will choose a more expensive model, because cheap iphone – somehow not elitist or something. Apple will not release a gadget that is not in demand, so it will get rid of smartphones that do not have “Pro” in the name.

So that you understand how much the Cupertino people neglect the basic line of iPhones: the confusion with the iPhone 14 Plus reached the point that the company could not decide whether it would be Plus or Max (at the time of the article’s publication, this had already been fixed). It turned out that some Apple documents said “iPhone 14 Max”! Personally, I miss those times when 1-2 new iPhones were shown to us at the presentation, and there was no need to get confused in the lines. It seems that this will happen very soon, only these models will be expensive “Proshki” and “Pro Max”.

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