iPhone 14 is being brought to Russia without a SIM card slot. They are cheaper than regular


Of course, the main event of the past week was the Apple presentation, which the company held on Wednesday, September 7th. Three new watch models were introduced: Apple Watch SE 2, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra; second-generation AirPods Pro headphones. And the new iPhones became the headliners. As in previous years, four models. The regular iPhone 14, which replaced the mini-iPhone iPhone 14 Plus and received the most notable update of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Even taking into account the applications regularly disappearing from the Russian App Store and disabled Apple Payin our country there were many who wanted to buy new items.

Almost immediately, the largest networks opened pre-orders for new iPhones and even showed the prices at which they will be sold. At the same time, MTS clearly stipulates that in case of changes in the terms of delivery, the pre-order may be canceled. Most likely, this refers to price changes. There are no such reservations in M.Video. But there is one point that some users will not immediately pay attention to. This is the presence in the list of available devices of two absolutely identical smartphones with the same amount of memory. With only one difference: some have SIM card slotwhile others are American iPhones without a SIM card.

iPhone 14 pre-order

This year, you should carefully read the conditions under which sellers open pre-orders. Taking into account the fact that the devices will be delivered to our country by parallel import, then not always even large networks can say for sure from which country new smartphones will come to them. Therefore, when buying, unforeseen problems may arise.

On the iPhone 14 presentations it was announced that in the US will now be sold iPhones without a SIM card slot, but only with dual eSIM support. Those who are used to ordering smartphones from there were immediately a little upset. But there should be no problems with setting up such an iPhone in our country. All major telecom operators have long supported working with eSIMs, and some have even started issuing them remotely. But in any case, buying such an iPhone can cause a little headache if you do not know about such a feature. iPhone models that do not have a SIM card slot:

  • iPhone 14 – A2649.
  • iPhone 14 Plus – A2632.
  • iPhone 14 Pro – A2650.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max – A2651.
  • And what a surprise it was to find out on the pre-order page in one of the largest domestic networks, M.Video, the pre-order is on iPhones from the USA. But the most interesting is not even that. Here you can also order ordinary models with a SIM card, but at the same time they will cost five thousand rubles more. That is, they even give us the opportunity to save. And everything would be fine, but with the naked eye it is almost impossible to notice this difference.

    See what the page with the list of models looks like. Only at the very end of the full name is signed eSIM. But even when you go to the page with the product itself, you will not be able to find this feature right away. You must either expand the full characteristics, or scroll to the very bottom of the page with the product and there, in the characteristics, catch your eye on this inscription. I doubt very much that those who draw up iPhone pre-ordersis unfamiliar with their capabilities and be sure to review all specifications.

    iPhone 14 in Russia

    To be honest, a network as large as M.Video could afford to issue a visible warning to anyone who wants to purchase the device. But everything looks like they just made a mistake when filling out the site. But this “mistake” can result in very big problems for everyone. At the same time, the addition of eSIM to the name of the smartphone is also far from indicative. All Apple smartphones currently on sale have eSIM support. And a person who does not know that since this year there are models in which completely no sim card slot might think that this is just an additional model, which, in addition to the usual SIM card, also supports eSIM.

    If there was a signature “eSIM only” or “without support for a physical SIM card”, then this can still be understood. But today everything looks quite ambiguous. At the same time, MTS clearly states that the smartphone will come with support for one nano-SIM and eSIM. Separately, we should mention the delivery time for new products to customers. In M.Video, a period of three months is set, and in MTS – 120 days. That is, in a negative scenario, you will be able to receive devices after the New Year.

    And here a natural question arises: do you need such a pre-order? Something tells me that not at all. Most likely, the purchase of new items from gray deliveries will be the most profitable this year. However, once again I remind you that be sure to check availability when buying. iPhone SIM slots if this is important to you. But even if you have already bought a new product, and you cannot insert an ordinary physical SIM card into it, then do not despair.

    Simply add an eSIM to your smartphone via your carrier’s app. Or use our guide to transfer eSIM from one iPhone to another. And you can use it just like before. It just takes extra steps. Well, I would also like to turn to large retail chains with a request to place banners with such important information in the most prominent place on the product page. After all, this can really mislead many people, and it will help you to avoid any conflicts and problems in the future.

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