iPhone 13 screens turn pink and turn off by themselves. What to do


iPhone 13 users complained that the displays of their smartphones suddenly turned pink. However, the problem lies not only in the display of the pink matrix, but also in the lack of response from the touchscreen. After that, according to the victims, iPhone may restart and everything becomes normal. But from time to time this failure is repeated, which does not allow using the smartphone for its intended purpose without restrictions.

iPhone display not responding to touch

Unlike the green screen issue that iPhone owners have experienced before, pinkness overlaps many (or all) interface elements, which makes them simply invisible. Therefore, it often seems that the screen is set picture for testing iPhone for dead pixels, but it’s not. As a rule, only very contrasting objects that are darker than the main background retain visibility. But it doesn’t really change much.

Though pink iPhone problem cannot be called mass, Apple has already paid attention to it. This is a rather atypical case, because problems can be ignored in Cupertino for a long time until they spread strongly enough. However, this time things went differently. Representatives of the company independently contacted users affected by the failure, and explained that this is just a software failure that is not related to iPhone hardware.

In this way iPhone 13 problemin question is most likely fixed by a software update. Another question is how. Because Apple is about to release iOS 15.3, but there is no information that this update fixes anything. So, if Cupertino did not choose to hide the existence of this bug fix from users, then the owners of the affected devices will obviously have to endure for some more time. However, not everyone believes that this failure is software.

iPhone 13 display replacement

According to some users who contacted authorized service centers, they were recognized as a hardware problem and accepted iPhone for free repair. What kind of hardware problem it is is not entirely clear. Someone is diagnosed with damage to the motherboard, and someone has the touchscreen itself. Thus, someone even managed to get a brand new iPhone instead of repair without having to wait for an update with a bug fix.

Insofar as pink displayas a rule, is not associated with external damage, service centers repair or free iPhone replacement within the warranty. So you probably won’t have to pay out of pocket for the service. Because, as far as one can judge, Apple, although it recognized the existence of a problem, still did not have time to notify service centers about it. Therefore, they do not yet have a ban on repairs or iPhone replacement with pink screens.

So, if you suddenly encounter a similar failure, it is recommended that you contact an authorized workshop, where they will surely help you. You can find the closest SC to you on the official Apple website. True, please note that not all service centers allow you to sign up online, but require personal presence. However, there are no guarantees that your smartphone will still be changed or even repaired. Apple is pretty quick with this sort of thing, which means you might just be asked to wait for an update.

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