iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max in Russia fell in price, despite the shortage


In just over three months, prices for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max fell by an average of 10 thousand rubles. Apple flagship smartphones fell in price synchronously, which is quite surprising, given that, firstly, these are initially devices from different price categories, and, secondly, price reduction is a completely atypical phenomenon for a scarce market.

iPhone 13 price in Russia

At the start of iPhone 13 sales cost 79,990 rubles, and today it can be purchased for 69,970 rubles. That is, the actual price reduction was even more than 10 thousand. iPhone 13 Pro Max went to Russian retail for 109 990 rubles, and now, in mid-January, it can be bought for about 100-102 thousand. It could be expected that in his case the decrease would be more tangible, given that it initially cost much more. But, apparently, the general scarcity of the model did not allow sellers to reduce its price even more.

The decrease, as expected, affected only eurotest versions iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max. That is, these are devices that were originally brought to the European market, and then bought there and brought to us. Such a scheme is called gray. But with all the disregard, it is quite beneficial for both sellers and buyers, because the former have the opportunity to buy equipment cheaper, and the latter – it is cheaper to buy it.

The price of Eurotest smartphonesor, as they are also called, Gray iPhones (by the name of the trading scheme), lower than Rostest due to the program Tax Freewhich operates in Europe. It allows foreigners to get back sales tax, which is on average 20%, when leaving the country. Thus, even taking into account long-distance transportation, serovars manage to sell European iPhones significantly cheaper than the official price in their homeland.

Should I buy a gray iPhone 13

Should I buy gray iPhone 13? Why not.

  • Firstly, Apple warranty – international. Regardless of where you bought your iPhone, you have the right to contact service centers around the world.
  • Secondly, European iPhones have exactly the same delivery set as the Russian ones. They even have a power supply with the same plug as ours, so you won’t need any adapters.
  • Third, sometimes gray iPhones they may even be preferable to growth, because in some countries Apple is forced to sell iPhones with power supplies.

However, there are also disadvantages. But there are only two of them. First, you will not be eligible for additional year of warranty servicewhich is required by the Consumer Protection Act. And second, you can’t buy such an iPhone in installments. The fact is that gray smartphones are sold in very small shops that cannot negotiate a discount with banks. Accordingly, it is not possible to use a loan without overpayment.

Another question – which iPhone to buy: iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Since these are smartphones from different price categories, choosing between them is quite easy for most people. Just start from your financial capabilities. For its 70 thousand rubles, the iPhone 13 is a very good smartphone. Probably one of the best on the market. But, if there are no problems with money, definitely take the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Don’t worry about the size: you’ll get used to it quickly, but you’ll get a stunning screen and advanced photo and video capabilities.

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