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iPhone 12

March slowly but surely crossed its equator, and the next week smoothly flows into the weekend – it’s time for the new issue of Answers to Questions to burst into the screens of your smartphones and tablets. This week, the readers of our Telegram chat most actively discussed Instagram blocking and VPN services: against the backdrop of these problems, an already inconspicuous presentation from Apple, as well as the start of sales of new products, receded into the background. Unfortunately, the Company will not sell the iPhone SE 3 in Russia, and the prices for existing models have skyrocketed. Some readers want to change their iPhones by choosing other models. We are asked: Is it worth changing iPhone 12 to Samsung Galaxy S22.

Our reader is wondering if it is worth changing the 64 GB iPhone 12 for the Samsung Galaxy S22 with 256 GB of memory. He is not satisfied with the small amount of memory, as well as the difficulty in transferring photos. Let’s try to answer this question.

Benefits of the iPhone 12

The amount of memory is certainly a very important factor when choosing a smartphone, but, you see, the transition from one OS to another is a dubious pleasure. The first thing you will have to get used to is the new ecosystem. Of course, you can continue to use AirPods in conjunction with Samsung, but this is unlikely to bring you pleasure: the main features of Apple headphones will be limited. In addition, as practice shows, battery life and iPhone performance is betterthan Samsung.

Not so long ago, we published an article in which we told how far the South Korean flagship lags behind in practice. There’s an Exynos 2200, which is comparable to the A13 Bionic, and a battery that lasts that much less by 3 hours. Given that the iPhone 12 has A14 Bionic, which is good even in 2022, the advantage is again on the side of Apple’s smartphone. So, I definitely wouldn’t wait for miracles from Samsung Galaxy and I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

Samsung vs. iPhone

In addition, Samsung only recently increased support for its devices to four years: in theory, the Galaxy S22 will receive updates until 2026. But Apple, according to tradition, is much better with this: the 1st generation iPhone SE received updates for 5 years (and even received iOS 15.4). Only this year the support will end. And the iPhone 12 will be updated until 2025. Does it make sense to overpay for one extra year? Probably not.

Samsung Galaxy S22 camera

On the other hand, Samsung has a clear advantage over the iPhone 12 – it’s a more modern camera. The Galaxy S22 has a triple module of 50 MP + 10 MP + 12 MP, which is more solid than the iPhone 12 (12 MP + 12 MP). There is also a telephoto lens and RAW support. Indeed, looking at camera test by DxOMark it becomes clear that the forces are almost the same. Just take a look at the example photos. See the differences? Me not.

How much storage does an iPhone need

64 GB on an iPhone is a pain. I perfectly understand how difficult it is to get along with such a large amount of memory in 2022. True, judging by the question of our reader, this is an important parameter when choosing a smartphone, especially when you need to store photos: the same Samsung Galaxy S22 has 256 GB of memory, which is quite acceptable. At the same time, the reader has problems sorting photos in iCloud – file names and dates are mixed.

I think it makes more sense in this case. exchange iPhone 12 on the same one with a surcharge, but with more memory than buying a flagship, to which questions remain and it will take a long time to get used to it. Plus, sorting photos is most likely a one-time action, that is, the user will not do this every day. Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong – I can be subjective.

Should I change iPhone to Samsung?

In my opinion, change iPhone 12 to Samsung Galaxy S22 you only need it in two cases: if you intentionally want to try an Android smartphone, and also if you urgently need more space (and you are not ready to put up with the eccentricity of iCloud). Otherwise, judging by the characteristics, both smartphones are not inferior to each other, and in some places the iPhone is even better than Samsung.

Plus, keep in mind that Samsung will also rise in price due to the jump in exchange rates – now the Galaxy S22 for 128 GB costs around 95,000 rubles. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t change the current iPhone 12 model for a flagship Android smartphone based on the combination of all of the above points.

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